Pirate4x4.Com - Installing a Ujoint
How to install a U-joint
Image007.jpg I hate it when this happens! Fear not, it's fairly simple to change u-joints. Here I will show one way to change a ujoint using a few simple tools and the front of my Land Cruiser as a work bench.
Image008.jpg A hammer, a flathead screw driver, and a socket are all you need to do the job in the field.
Image009.jpg Since this ujoint is not broken, all four c-clips need to be removed.
Image010.jpg Tapping the clips with a screwdriver pops them right out.
Image011.jpg Now it's time to start removing the u-joint. Using a socket or whatever else you might have, give the long side cap some solid hits with a hammer.
Image012.jpg Hit it till the caps slide out to where the u-joint is bottomed out on the shaft
Image013.jpg Now you can pull off the cap with a pair of pliers.
Image014.jpg Now flip the axle around and pound the u-joint back the other way till it bottoms out again. Then pull that cap out with pliers.
Image016.jpg Now the stub axle can be removed from the long shaft.
Image017.jpg Repeat the same proceedure above for the stub axle.
Image019.jpg The old u-joint has now been removed!
Image020.jpg Be sure to use genuine Spicer u-joints.... Any other u-joint will fail when you need it most!
Image021.jpg Grease up the caps to keep the needle bearings from moving during the installation process.
Image022.jpg Slip the bare u-joint (without caps) into the stub axle.
Image024.jpg Push the u-joint up into the hole till it bottoms out, and slip the cap on.
Image025.jpg Lightly tap the cap into the stub axle. Be sure to keep pressure on the u-joint as you tap, so the needle bearings stay in place.
Image026.jpg Tap the cap/u-joint a little farther in than it needs to be. This will help when installing the cap on the other side. You can also install that c-clip.
Image027.jpg Slip the other cap into place.
Image028.jpg Now tap it into the u-joint. Tap it till the c-clip on the other cap is fully seated against the axle.
Image029.jpg Now you can install the other c-clip.
Image030.jpg Now it's time for the long shaft. Slip the u-joint into the long shaft (without the caps on it.)
Image031.jpg Repeat the proceedure you did for the stub axle. Push the u-joint until it is bottomed out against the shaft, and slip the cap on.
Image032.jpg Tap the cap down and install the c-clip.
Image033.jpg Flip the axle over and slip on the other cap. Tap the cap till the c-clip on the other cap is fully seated into place.
Image034.jpg Pop the c-clip into place.
Image035.jpg Whallah! An axle shaft that's ready to rock!