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wow, your front end looks quite a bit like mine. I did the same thing with the ballistic fab trackbar mount at the frame and my own design for the axle brackets. At the axle side everything notches together and it ties into the coil perch. I spent some time in CAD getting everything where I wanted it and it came out great.

I even trimmed the ballistic mount to square it up with the angle of the frame so it would be perp to the ground level. I needed the clearance at max up travel with the axle vs having the mount stick back at an angle.

I also kept the box in the stock spot and moved the drag link to the top side of a stock pitman arm. I used steering parts form parts mike. He always stocks the good "high misalignment" TREs for the drag link. The tie rod is below the "low steer" arm on the knuckle. My COG is about the same as a 3-4" lifted TJ with 33s but I'm on 37s with 5" up travel in the front. I wanted high steering but it just wasn't in the cards. I figure I'll just keep a spare tie rod and deal with it.

Sorry for the high jack but I've got nothing but good things to say about your build choices. Nice work and keep the pics coming!

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