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Originally Posted by MrWillys View Post
Please tell me you're going to have it sandblasted prior to paint. You've put way to much work into it not too.
I put a piece of 3/4" Unistrut at the top of my back panel inside just in case i want to bolt something, and for strength. It has proven the test of time, and gives me a place to strap a bungy too. Just an idea.
lookin good!
I have thought about getting the tub blasted, but I am pretty worried it will just destroy it if the blasters where not careful. That would be a total shame.

As I mentioned before, this is NOT going to be a perfectly straight parking lot queen of a vehicle. It's suppose to looked used and abused. I want it to look like it is 70+ years old. It will get lots of primer and drab paint to keep the rust away, but its never going to be perfectly smooth again. The body is just too far gone for that. If I wanted to do something like that I would just start with a reproduction tub and modify that. This project is suppose to be about building something cool and unique that wasn't too expensive so I can get my lazy butt back out on the trail and having some adventures....
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