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Originally Posted by RoosterBooster View Post
thanks for the offer ... would be cool to have a guide ...
but unfortunately i`m also moving (and leaving Arizona like a bad nightmare )
...so i probably cant do the "Battleship" trip in the next two years

thanks for the headsup ...
first i was thinking to copy a existing WWII nose art ... but now i think i just (have somebody) airbrush a custom one.

i`m thinking to use that (B-25) girl (without the silly witch hat) barely wrapped in a "stars`n`stripes" flag (to make it "PG" rated ) picking a coconut from a Palmtree (to go with the Pacific bamboo theme) ....

now i just need a kinky name to go with the nose art
that's probably a "J" model.
H's and J's were the only ones to have pods mounted outside the fuselage, and I think they're only 1 or 2 H models left. Not too many made, many more "J" models.

A local guy flew J models in the Pacific. Some things he says make you wonder if they were all crazy. 50 feet off the ground with the throttles wide open and 10 machine guns.

This was his:
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