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GenRight Off-Road hood louvers installed on JK Unlimited!

Got the GenRight Hood Louvers (2pk black louvers) installed on the Jeep and is working great to keep the heat out! Basic measurements to ensure they are all lined up right are:

1. From edge of hood closest to the windshield, measure center of hood side of the louver and should be placed 12" from the windshield edge of the hood.

2. From the edge of the hood closest to the windshield, measure the outside corner of the louver from the edge of the hood by the windshield and should measure 11 3/4".

3. Then measure from the windshield rubber pads on the hood and measure 3" to the outside of the hood and should be the starting edge of the hood louver.

4. Measure from the front of the hood (by the bumper) back to the start of the hood lover and should be the same on both sides....I measured 9" on both but I have that bug guard on my hood so I couldn't give you an accurate measure for how far back without a bug guard.

5. I went ahead and taped the hood louvers in place followed by drilling the mounting holes.

6. I then taped off the louver mount area from under the hood ensuring my "hole cut pattern" didn't include the hood support cross members. Make sure that you account for about 3/8" inward from the mounting holes for your cut lines....there will still be plenty of space for the heat airflow out of the engine compartment!

7. After I cut the holes, I taped off the top and underside of the hood and used matching color spray paint to paint the exposed metal.

8. After the paint dried, I used hex head screws to mount the louvers on the Jeep....(same process I used to install the AEV snorkel a couple years back on my 2DR JK!)

Companies I have worked with that are great: GenRight Off-Road, Rock Krawler, sPOD 4x4, Poly Perf

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