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Originally Posted by stoneyxj View Post
I was thinking the exact same thing today.
Are there no lawyers on pirate that are willing to put in some time to be "suing and winning!!"??
Dude there are those doing probono work, but it's not easy to win.
The Center for Bio Diversity brings in 10,000,000 in donations each year.
They have 10 full time lawyers working many cases all over the country.

So we as an OHV group have to pony up even more money. Yes.
Its a long game, not one won with just one court date.

Just look at gay marriage, that issue is still being fought over, with no end in sight. OHV is just like that. Its not going away.

The RTF brings in thousands, which is not even penny's on the dollar to the CBD

So do your part and volunteer on work days to fix issue that can cause the lawyers issues. That goes for everyone. We need people to help out when and where they can. If you can give money great, if you can give time and money even better.

To stay within the rules for land uses and post fact here you go. It's their 2010 taxes I found online.

Looks like I was off a couple million
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