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TJ - Full width or stock width axles

I finally picked up a complete hub to hub Dana 60 HP Kingpin for the front, which is full width. 4:10's

What I currently have installed on the TJ;
narrowed 61" Dana 60 rear with spool 4:56
Dutchman axles with 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern
TR beadlocks x 4
Goodyear 37" tires. 37x12.50r15lt - yes old puncture resistant

I am kind of at the crossroads.
Should I narrow the front and convert over to 5 lug?
Should I sell the rear end, rims and tires and buy a full width rear D60?
I need to do lower gears anyway and I hear I would have to go to 5 on 5.5 to make the conversion work. Plus when I go bigger than 37" 5 lug would be weaker.
Another option is to keep the 8 lug and narrow the front. Then simply convert the rear over to 8 lug and sell just the rims and tires.

I live in Oregon and the trails around hear have filters so full size rigs are sort of prevented from going on some trails. I can always drive over the filters, but some trails up here have narrow tree passages.

Why can't I make up my F'n mind!

Any advice, direction, experience, and or general BS will most likely help.

My site with pictures and videos of my TJ and buddies on the trails. http://www.wheeln.com

Old $hi77y Dana 30



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