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TJ 1 Tons "Learn as I go" project

Revision # 1 of my 6 banger TJ had a Dana 44 rear and a Dana 30 front on 37" tires and TR bead-locks. This served me well, believe it or not, for 3 years. I tried to blow up the D30, but only succeeded in grenading the rear. So I replaced the rear with a Dana 60. After a year I finally tore up the front, but didn't kill it. I tore it apart and the lock-rite was still salvageable, so I welded the POS. I ran it hard for 3 or 4 runs when finally I snapped the axle shaft, due to zero give. Now I have an excuse to upgrade! "But babe, the jeep is broken and I need to fix it!"
Pictures and video of all the rigs I have had and quads on my site http://www.wheeln.com

Old specs
Dana 30 w/ 4:56's and a lockrite
narrowed 61" Dana 60 rear with spool 4:56
Dutchman axles with 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern
TR beadlocks x 4
Goodyear 37" tires. 37x12.50r15lt

Anyway here is where I plan to post yet another 1 Ton build.
New specs
D60 rear narrowed to 61" WMS - Damn hindsight is 20/20- unfortunately semi float for now. If I nuke it I will go shaved 14 bolt. Using 2" 5 on 4.5" to 8 on 6.5 spacers! We shall see how long this rearend lasts.
D60 HP in front full width
40" Goodyear MTR Spiders - traded full float D60 rear and $500 - Craigslist
17" aluminum american racing rims - $200 off craigslist
stock 4.0 liter w/ Manual trans
Tcase - 4:1 gears provided by Teraflex Teralow
5:38 gears Spool in back - undecided front locker

OLD Pictures of the TJ

New picture will be a while - will post when upgrades are complete
Mock up of just the front in its potential area. Rear stretch will be next.

Tire size difference - Wow

My personal website for all things offroad http://www.wheeln.com


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