: General 4x4 Discussion

  1. Dana 60 Question
  2. 4 fog lights..series or parallel
  3. 700r4 transmission question
  4. dana 44 help
  5. The Mistress
  6. How to save a rollover
  7. King of Hammer SMORR Qualifier Story is UP!
  8. rear dana 60 question
  9. Would this be considered bad form?
  10. Hardcore Subject: Diff Cover Bolts that last?
  11. Orbital decyphering and question
  12. Skid Steer vs Conventional
  13. So the Dirtbuilt 1.5 seater begins...
  14. problem with saginaw power steering pump
  15. 3.54 the highest ratio for hi-pinion d60?
  16. 215hp PWC engine in buggy?
  17. cage mount head rest pads
  18. Perhaps new Interco news....
  19. Small Review of Crusher Ridge offroad park, AL
  20. Dana 60 Gear Pattern Check
  21. Converting Factory Wheels to Beadlocks
  22. ford 460 into a TJ....what are we looking at
  23. SMORR KOH Race Gallery is UP!!!
  24. Rear view camera
  25. broke a RCV 60 birf
  26. cannot remove D60 pinion.
  27. Made the summer run up to the high desert
  28. Help with Ford 9 semi-float.
  29. Sneek Peek at Bulldog Winch's Endurance Comp winch the Alpha Comp
  30. Feeler on our taper stud adapters
  31. TH400 won't go into 1st
  32. 14 bolt pinion excessive endplay
  33. Hard to find axles and parts questions
  34. Strength table of various size heims
  35. Driveline-pinion angle-oiling question
  36. Trimming a NP205
  37. truck framed based buggies????
  38. dana 60 spring plate holes helicoils ok?
  39. 3 stage Telescopic air shocks
  40. Airshock and coilover angles when flexed.
  41. Blue Thunder buggy in this months Crawl mag.
  42. opinion which is stronger ,grade 8 3/4 bolt vs L9/F911 5/8
  43. Anyone used this ball(.750 bolt) with Currie 2.5" JJ
  44. front link numbers... again
  45. Odd thread pitch 9/16" x 17 tpi
  46. High pinion 9" with 8.8 gears?
  47. Longfields new D60 joints update
  48. 10factory axle shafts
  49. Another Dana 60 Hi steer ????
  50. Beadlocks Questions
  51. hydro assist questions
  52. Tread Lightly
  53. High flex u joint
  54. Live coverage of the SMORR KOH qualifier
  55. New Buggy Build
  56. how much money is being spent on our rigs....
  57. real life opinions wanted: Master Pro Bearings
  58. 33x13.50-15 tsl's on 15x8 bead locks will it work
  59. What trans should I use behind 351 Windsor
  60. ls1 intake swap
  61. Skinny Spidertrax rotors???
  62. Internal cage in full body rig
  63. Ford Tie Rod question
  64. Need help on AirShock setting
  65. Source for p pump chevy steering bracket??
  66. Koh fuel mileage
  67. Damen Jefferies vs. KOH! Round 2
  68. Picked up an LQ-9, need header help
  69. ZF S6 650 4x4 vs 4x2
  70. AMC20 axle bearing retainer
  71. Cutting the roof off
  72. Np 435 from a school bus good for what??
  73. 5.3 overheating problem
  74. Jessi on Pirate 4x4 TV
  75. Dana 44 Upgrade Question
  76. Anyone familiar with the Ford Bronco II's?
  77. Axle and gear specialist wanted
  78. Cut Irok...would you replace it?
  79. 1uglyranger's "End of an Era" buggy build!!
  80. steering problems
  81. IFS fronts
  82. FOA Bumpstop Can Dimensions?
  83. 14 Bolt Gear Pattern Check
  84. Crawling Chaos #314 Buggy (Das Stinky Crawfish)
  85. Anyone know Gen III GM Motors?
  86. Affordable cooler fans?
  87. ISLAND CRAWLER UNION in the news..!!!
  88. Odd 14-bolt???
  89. KOH rigs with manual transmissions?
  90. Steering box mounted outside the frame but forward pitman arm??
  91. Is it just me?
  92. bolt thread help
  93. Baby Tires: Trxus Mt vs BFG KM2 vs Oldschool MT/R
  94. converting to 4 wheel drive on a budget.
  95. 37 spline D60 front shafts?
  96. Metalworx Fabrication - new Bay Area shop
  97. Spam of the week - Make sure to watch KOH '10 Sunday morning on SPEED!!!
  98. 2001 F-150...What should I do with it...Help me out Pirates...
  99. Need advice on what rig fits my needs.
  100. Looking For a Build
  101. Anybody got some good vids of using cutting brakes?
  102. Temporary job on the Rubicon
  103. Michelin XZL tech assistance
  104. Cameron Diaz endorses King Shocks
  105. New Dana 60 ARB holding-up?
  106. Rock Zombie Bikini Rig Wash for Land-use! JULY 31st!
  107. Fuel Feed Line advice needed
  108. Kevko oil pan and an accumulator.. who's done it and how is it plumbed
  109. Grooving / siping TSLs
  110. 16.5" Rim Questions...
  111. simple beadlock question
  112. D60?????'s
  113. Grinding calipers
  114. Rockwell question
  115. Question about the type of Hydraulic pump used for a hydro steering setup
  116. Goodbye Billet Ballistic Rod end....
  117. rockwell needs machined for 2" axles
  118. Holley 4412S
  119. Help with Hydro Assist
  120. should i drill out hubs for 9/16 studs?
  121. Any vendors here sell winch wiring kits?
  122. Dana 60 steering arm questions
  123. Putting a feeler out, Any interest custom CNC plasma cutting and steering arms
  124. Dana 60 Carrier question
  125. fuel filler hose source
  126. Outer diameter of stuans 15x10s??
  127. ARB 40's are here !!!!!
  128. 4x4 Shops near Phoenix
  129. no muffler=horrible mpg's?
  130. Howe Performance rocks
  131. Need help mounting a Warn 8000xi winch
  132. How would you mount this actuator?
  133. rear diff breathers
  134. 2010 King of the Hammers RCQ "Quest for Glory" DVD released!
  135. Trail-gear rear housing
  136. CalROCS on Attack Of The Show This Afternoon
  137. Newbie with some chassis and susspension design questions
  138. Rental jeep on black bear pass?
  139. Atlanta area chassis wiring?
  140. Distance between WMS-to-WMS on stock YJ D30 front axle?
  141. UFWDA biennial 4x4 recreation survey
  142. New rear axle with OX
  143. are full size more"limited" on the trail then mid-size?
  144. Seating for sciatic relief
  145. 14 bolt 9.5 Gear Pattern Check
  146. Critique my 4 link set up! Please?!?!?!
  147. How much oil in a fox coilover?
  148. thin backed suspension seat
  149. disk brake conversion kit ?
  150. Borg Warner Problems.
  151. 4 link vs. 3 link
  152. Winch Gaurd Or Not
  153. is too much flow detrimental
  154. Aluminum Link Question
  155. JAZ sending unit help?
  156. My Visit to Taylor Racing's Shop
  157. New Locking Diff from Russia
  158. Anyone grooved a set of Kevlars yet? Recomend me a tire...
  159. Breaking Yukon 35 splines in the mud??? WTF
  160. ATTENTION Turn Key Motor users (and others interested in MEFI marine fuel injection)
  161. Hell Hole Reservoir ?
  162. Long travel driveshaft?
  163. Project Last Starfighter
  164. coilover shocks parts interchangable??
  165. What lube in doubler's 203 range box??
  166. ARB RD167 vs RD35/36 Dana 60 Locker
  167. Need Help Identifying this GM Engine, Trans and Diff...
  168. What Winch?
  169. Buggy Decals
  170. D35 gear ratio "Q"
  171. directions to moon rock/funny rock ?
  172. Miller special tools pinion height gauge
  173. roundeyes led rock lights
  174. Coolest Bender I've Ever Seen
  175. where can u ride for days on mild to moderate terrain in the us?
  176. Review of HID conversion for TJ
  177. sm465
  178. anyone have experience ordering from metalsdepot.com?
  179. Check my Ballistic grocery list
  180. Kirkey's to Suspension (options???)
  181. Lowest trans/tc ratio ever?
  182. Smallest Belt Drive OBA Compressor
  183. How do I fix this ?
  184. hydraulic winch
  185. Would a Semi Truck Turbo be compatible with regular diesel's (cummins, duramax, etc.)
  186. chevy tie rod boots
  187. Inner safety bead on 17" wheel
  188. Tube door latches?
  189. notching tubing problem
  190. Axle Narrowing
  191. NP203 vs NP208
  192. What are 4wheelonline.com like to deal with ?
  193. Internal Slave Cylinders
  194. chevy tir rod to drag link cone adapter
  195. Where to buy tube from in or around MI
  196. Can an A518 tranny be retrofitted w/ 727 guts?
  197. Arizona Performance Imports API???
  198. Boulder Bash June 12th Photos
  199. LS1 dimensions
  200. Quick OX locker question
  201. full hydraulic steering. one ton TRE's or heim joints ?
  202. Does anybody have a 42" SX2 in stock? I need to buy one!
  203. Another axle ID
  204. Need some help Identifying some Lift Springs
  205. Drilling New Diffs for Breathers and ARB fittings
  206. Highway RPMS exceeding 3000 rpms... tranny or engine issues to be expected?
  207. Which is a stronger axle??
  208. rockwell wheel brake ?
  209. Help keep breaking 205-350tb adapter
  210. Would someone review my numbers for me.
  211. Hydro steer-Hydro Boost Problems
  212. New 9 Inch Housing
  213. Help me dial FOX shocks of my Willys (Video)
  214. Rock Equipment Welded Steel D60 Knuckles & Factory Ford Brakes
  215. Medium Duty 4wd axles
  216. dana 300 rattle
  217. Good trails in Mammoth, CA
  218. Triangulated rear vs track bar?
  219. 2 bolt flanges with no tube cutout?
  220. Rear Matercraft Bench in TJ
  221. PRESS RELEASE; loren Healy makes debut to XRRA, Team Jimmy's/ATX Wheels
  222. Hydro Assist Cons
  223. Vibration when turning
  224. 4-Link tube size??
  225. Favorite Rockring Design
  226. how long to build a buggy????
  227. Where to Order Johnny Joints? Vendors?
  228. Old style D30 ARB?
  229. Homemade case spreader fail
  230. ballistic fab beadlocks
  231. The 8" Seperation Rule
  232. CB Help
  233. Rock Run Recreation
  234. New icu trail...!!!
  235. propane duel fuel unit
  236. The best beadlock
  237. Master cylinder size vs. caliper size.....
  238. 4l60e ....vss delete ?
  239. shocks for ultra 4
  240. Bone's CUCV-->buggy build thread
  241. Tire Balance Patch?
  242. Whos got the anwser??????
  243. Help with narrowing the Rockwell
  244. How would you put a panhard on this?
  245. Desertoy's X-Chassis #12 Resurrected
  246. Trac Bar/Tie Rod Rebuild kit. Anyone Try This?
  247. Air Toggle switch plumbing question....???
  248. Tire Sizing
  249. Pirate4x4TV June edtion now up! Tom Wayes, JT Taylor, Jessi Combs, Baja 500, etc.
  250. buggy help