: Land Use Issues

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  1. Let States Broker Roadless Lands
  2. A rumble over Clear Creek
  3. Sierra Club campaign effort bypasses Arizona
  4. roadless rule
  5. Senate approves Mount Rainier park expansion
  6. Nethercutt wilderness legislation slammed
  7. Study: Starvation Caused Moose Decline
  8. BLM Begins Arkansas River Travel Management Plan (CO)
  9. BLM Newsbytes 174
  10. Kerry's environment aides start with family
  11. Millions in state parks grant money rescinded
  12. In the Northwest: One man stands in way of bipartisan Wild Sky bill
  13. In West, Old Mines Haunted by Pollution
  14. A Sporting Debate: George Bush vs. John Kerry
  15. Teen admits he set Utah animal-rights fire
  16. Bush's environmental record polarizes debate
  17. Colorado River conservation pact awaits signature
  18. Columbia Basin data past due for an update
  19. Congressional investigators say USFS public relations plan is legal
  20. National Forests Celebrate Public Lands Day
  21. Frivolous Enviro Lawsuits Hurt Economy,Environment & Taxpayer
  22. Coyote v. people conflicts on the uptick
  23. Advocacy group wins appeal, gets trails reopened
  24. Battle lines are drawn over Arizona's forests
  25. Federal appellate ruling stops fed plan to restore Idaho forest
  26. Center for Biological Diversity, Biodiversity Activist, No. 351
  27. ATV rules on Mount Hood challenged
  28. PA: Off-road vehicle opponents have their say
  29. President goes after forests like a buzz saw(Editorial)
  30. New U.S. salmon plan would keep dams intact
  31. UFWDA alert on the OHV Policy
  32. USA-ALL Appeal Reverses Uinta National Forest Motorized Restrictions
  33. ESA Field Hearing - So Cal.
  34. Latest on Moab
  35. BLM News Bytes Issue 173 - 9/8/04
  36. Off-road vehicle use in Tahuya State Forest Meeting
  37. Anxiety high as deadline looms to get politics out of land-use laws
  38. Junk science or journalism?
  39. Paragliders Suspected in Dearth of Least Terns
  40. Access Limited in French Gulch Area During Fire Recovery Work (CA)
  41. Wolf comeback triggers call for control
  42. State adopts 10-year plan for timber harvesting
  43. Roadless Rule Comment Period EXTENDED
  44. Gov. Warner pans White House proposal for Virginia’s roadless areas
  45. State logging plan worries some who say it allows too much clearcutting
  46. Off-roaders, conservationists debate national forest road use
  47. BRC ACTION ALERT - Send Email to FS on National OHV Policy
  48. LCIR CLOSED to Offroaders
  49. Big Snowy plan under challenge
  50. Another good CRC expose--NRDC: Biting the Taxpayers Who Feed Them
  51. Montana, Wyoming ask judge to strike snowmobile ban
  52. The greatness of the Wilderness Act (Editorial)
  53. Biodiversity Activist, No. 350 (CBD Newsletter)
  55. Some current ASA news
  56. Deal will preserve 90,000 acres of Snoqualmie Forest
  57. Threat cited to habitat in bid to aid spotted owl
  58. ive-year Review of Marbled Murrelet Completed
  59. BLM divvies up desert playground
  60. ATV Industry Supports U.S. Forest Service Proposal to Limit Off-Highway Vehicle...
  61. BLM to Host Public Meetings on Clear Creek Management Area
  62. Additional BLM Special Fire Restrictions
  63. Report: Appalachian Trail Threatened at Dozens of Points In Six States by Bush Plan..
  64. Group Launches Online Campaign – www.40WildYears.org -Urging Congress to Support...
  65. Volunteers invited to the 3rd Annual Fordyce Creek Trail Cleanup
  66. Land Acquisition Group Caught Misusing Taxpayer Money
  67. Guest opinion: Riding roughshod: Off-road vehicles in national forests
  68. Earth First! Then spread the carnivores
  69. White House Expands Hunting, Fishing Lands
  70. Roadless Rule
  71. Bush environmental order: Heed local landowners, governments
  72. Animal rights activist rebuffs federal grand jury
  73. Regulating off-road vehicles in our national forests(EDITORIAL)
  74. Major Oregon Announcement
  75. Ca: Off-roaders Get Own Campaign Coalition
  76. Recreation growth challenges BLM head
  77. didnt see this posted....
  78. Meltdown for Global Warming Science
  79. Plans would cut snowmobile income: Economic forecasts on park decision mired in...
  80. Ranchers don’t want wilderness designation
  81. Activists Fight to Stop the Re-filling of Lake Powell
  82. Judge blocks post-fire timber sale, says hazard would grow
  83. Directions to CT trail?
  84. Park Service proposes allowing snowmobiles into Yellowstone
  85. Forest Service OKs logging 1,800 formerly roadless acres on Gravina Island
  86. Multiple use group's injunction denied
  87. Wild About Wilderness: Celebrities Shine Spotlight on Nation's Wild Lands
  88. National Park Service Retirees Warn Major Yellowstone...
  89. ASA Open Board meeting reminder
  90. Ninth Circuit Hears Enviros Appeal Of Forest Health Case
  91. Paving the way on roadless issue
  92. Lawsuit Filed To Protect Habitat For Five Rare Plant Species
  93. Group formed to seek compromise over rare Nevada butterfly
  94. OHV proposal released, accepting comments
  95. CA: Off-road vehicle fees to be focus of a state audit
  96. FS Draft ORV Management Plan Comments
  97. S.F. Ca judge and land closure
  98. Placitas man gets 25 days in prison for booby-trapping trail
  99. New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance Workshop
  100. Forest Use Restrictions Planned for Cleveland National Forest (CA)
  101. North Fruita Desert Plan Released (CO)
  102. Taxpayers Forced to Fund Anti-Bush 'Environmentalists'
  103. Fastest-growing county bars development on 500,000 acres
  104. AZ: General Clean Up of the Butcher Jones/Rolls OHV area
  105. los coyotes
  106. Eco-Nazis panicking over the Roadless
  107. NY: Environmentalists, state tracking four-wheeler damage
  109. Pending BLM, USFS and USFWS actions
  110. Your support is needed!! please read
  111. OMG, Klinton weighs (whines) in on the Roadless Conspiracy!
  112. Banning the Better Alternative
  113. The Politics of Environmental Defense, Inc.
  114. Highlands Conservation Act: Stealing Private Property With Public Dollars
  115. LA Times: Off-Roading Loses Its Way
  116. Colorado Wild draws kudos - and critics
  117. Sage grouse protection plan approved
  118. Complexity 'humbles' environmental chiefs
  119. Environmentalists demand more on Biscuit salvage plan
  120. Wilderness on Hold
  121. Roadless rule puzzles governor
  122. Ending logging acrimony aim of ex-official's center
  123. In the Northwest: What happened to Bush's promise about parks?
  124. Greenpeace protesters cited in Tongass
  125. Milk-vetch habitat slashed; move called highly political
  126. Federal Register Link for ISDRA Critical Habitat
  127. Glamis ruling ?'s
  128. Federal Judge Sides With Desert Tortoise
  129. Sierra Club endorsed Kerry. What a surprise!
  130. Carson City OHV Show
  131. Truckhaven Hills Housing Development
  132. Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Dune Users Survey
  133. Foes vow court fight over land-use rules
  134. Judge tosses Forest Service fine of off-roader
  135. Public Scoping for Northwest California Plan
  136. BLM Seeks Public Input for Hollister Resource Management Plan Revision (CA)
  137. NPS and USFS Commit to Manage Roadless Areas to Protect National Parks
  138. Targeted Areas
  139. U.S. Eases Review of Pesticides for Endangered Species
  140. Sierra Club newsletter
  141. (CO) Hayman Environmental Assessment Analysis
  142. Save Greenhorn
  143. Oregon - In November, Vote No On Tillamook And Clatsop State Forests 50/50 Plan
  144. BRC’s Testimony on S738(long but worth reading)
  145. DNR weighs ATV use on North Shore trail
  146. Island controversy
  147. Winding Paths for Roadless Lands
  148. Plan pits off-roaders against environmentalists
  149. Fees and our forests don't always fit
  150. Groups call for strengthening off-road crackdown
  152. Rare Sage Grouse Might Not Get U.S. Protection
  153. New Enviromentalists’ Battleground?
  154. Plastic left holding the bag as environmental plague
  155. Bald Eagles Take a One-Way Flight to California
  156. Bull trout meetings in Elko, Twin Falls
  157. Nearly roadkill (Zion)
  158. 'Nip and tuck' on Wild Sky bill
  159. when the fox is in charge of the chickens??
  160. Help W/ Letters
  161. President Bush Signs The Tribal Forest Protection Act Into Law
  162. BLM releases Price Field Office Draft Resource Management Plan
  163. Committee Votes to Modernize Endangered Species Act
  164. Just read about the closure of Spider Lake due to ground sh***ers!
  165. Brought to my ATTN today Memorial trip
  166. Clear Creek: BLM between a rock and a hard place
  167. Glamis - CBD petitions DOI to list 16 species
  168. US House Resources committee Meeting July 22 2004 NEED letter
  169. Officials frustrated by parks studies
  170. Happy trails? Forest Service proposal guardedly welcomed by 4x4 clubs
  171. Scientists Say Post-Wildfire Rehabilitation Speeds Forest Recovery
  172. This Land Is Now Public Land
  173. NIMBYS, BANANAS and Greens
  174. Ranch's Condor Proposal Faulted
  175. It takes a tree-hugger to raze a forest
  176. NRA Takes On the Sierra Club
  177. Wilderness dilemma
  178. The Bobby Lobby
  179. Five forests may close trails to off-roaders
  180. Gov. Drops Fees From Plan
  181. Court OKs Trinity River Plan
  182. Time to rev it up on the Roadless--bringing you folks up to speed
  183. Wilderness bill will go to key U.S. Senate committee
  184. Idyllwild is home of heavy environmental hitter
  185. Roadless Rule Policy Moved to Local People
  186. Off-roading can get out of line
  187. Use of dunes visitors fees to study flower widely criticized
  188. Terrorist Tree Huggers
  189. Forest Service OKs Plan to Log Trees
  190. Bush Administration Fulfilling Pledge To National Parks
  191. Decades of Federal Mismanagement Increased Forest Fire Hazard, Says NCPA
  192. OR - Urgent - Comments NEEDED!
  193. Statement of Jim Hughes, Deputy Director BLM, Oversight Hearing on Impact of Rev ...
  194. Draft National OHV Policy Announced - July 7th
  195. WA: Off road, off limits
  196. Keeping public lands open
  197. Eco-nazi op-ed on the SUWA 10th Circuit loss
  198. Federal officials open up 1,500 miles of desert to off-roaders
  199. Economic success, ingenuity a recipe for a better environment
  200. Lessons learned from Storm King Mountain
  201. DA opposes new BLM authority
  202. BLM puts permit limits on only BLM land left in TX
  203. TSF, OR - Simmons Ridge Road
  204. I missed this, NPS quietly finalizes the Canyonlands Salt Creek closure
  205. Bush campaign criticizes Kerry's opposition to forest policy
  206. Judge declines to step aside in Yellowstone snowmobile controversy
  207. Nationwide July 4th Ad Campaign Targets Ford
  208. Fallon tribe seeks protection of cultural sites
  209. Eco-nazi op-ed on Yellowstone and sleds
  210. Park Service Says Whistleblowers Will Be Protected
  211. Forest Service May Use ISO 14001 Instead of Impact Statements
  212. Forest thinning appeals denied
  213. Utah unlikely to pursue more Rights of way claims.
  214. The Green Fever Subsides
  215. Sage Grouse Conservation Efforts Survey
  216. Groups want Jarbidge road closed
  217. Off-Road Enthusiasts Protest Federal Agency's Political Use of Endangered Species Act
  218. Big Wheels Battle: Will New Forest Service Rules Quell Clashes Over ATVs?
  219. New Report Spotlights Dozen Special Places at Risk
  220. California Emissions Exemption Repeal Bill Will Be Considered by Senate
  221. Fire Restrictions
  222. Remote arch may rock roadless policy at parks
  223. Activists aren't budging from BLM land
  224. Activist files civil suit for alleged Eighth Amendment violations
  225. Common sense wins in court case
  226. Voting on Rural Past's Future
  227. Ozark National Forest OHV Ban
  228. “Endangered Species” Cost USA Billions
  229. Utah Elf Attack Reinforces Need For State Ecoterror Laws
  231. Nevada-Pinenut mountain update
  232. Simpson offers new plan for saving White Clouds wilderness
  233. UT: Jeep ride in canyon may lead to court
  234. Permanent fees proposed for visitors to national parks, forests
  235. Victory Today for Recreation and Access: House Defeats Amendment Banning Snowmobiles
  236. ACEC proposed for Stillwater Range, NV
  237. Sand Mountain closed two months each year?
  238. A win for Gale Norton
  239. Lying about Yosemite
  240. Nice LV Review Journal editorial on land use
  241. BLM may limit Clear Creek access
  242. Curbing off-road recreation, Asbestos, rare plants threaten freewheeling bikers in...
  243. Calls needed today to support DOI Appropriations Amendment
  244. Some interesting NPS mud slinging
  245. Jergins Trail.. - I need a lawyer.. NOW
  246. Greenpeace is at it again
  247. Comment Period Extended On Proposed Critical Habitat For California Red-legged Frog
  248. Supreme Court rules against SUWA!
  249. Action alert - Keep Yellowstone open for snowmobiles
  250. Activist Cash Update: This is Not Your Father's Sierra Club