: Land Use Issues

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  1. BRC Thanksgiving Info and Wishes
  2. Eco Lawfirm closes its doors
  3. The Recent Environmental Group Shake Ups
  4. CA - FS Begins Scoping on Three Projects
  5. Sierra Club leader departs amid discontent over group's direction
  6. EPA Dust Issue Hot Topic in GOP Prez Debate
  7. kern county trails
  8. Green vs. Green
  9. Congress to hold oversight hearings on CARB
  10. Live Webcast - House Votes on EAJA Today - 10:00 EDT
  11. More Self-Serving Feinstein Legislation
  12. Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands
  13. Cycle News Editorial on The Trail PAC
  14. Speaking of dust control at Oceano.
  15. Oceano dust control measures vote Wednesday 11/16/11
  16. A Fuild Spill Kit for Off-Roaders.....and $5 goes towards the Blue Ribbon Coalition
  17. Cong Hearing Tomorrow in DC - Forest Plans, TMR, and permits on docket
  18. Volunteer Opportunities - Trail Work and Area Clean-Ups
  19. Report: Roads, not clear-cutting, to blame for erosion in California
  20. Mcgrew trail system at risk of closure
  21. Contact your Representative to oppose H.R. 3334!
  22. Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grants
  23. Tell Your Senators to Continue Critical Trails Funding
  24. Blueribbon coalition invited to testify before congressional subcommittee
  25. 11402 - BRC code for Fed Employees CFC
  26. It looks like the Boggy Glade plan is headed in the right direction...
  27. ORP article on 20,000 letters at SEMA
  28. Americas Great Outdoors Initiative Ignores Motorized Recreation
  29. Lick a Frog Lately?
  30. Update on CA Water Board and OHV
  31. USFS Zombies
  32. Landuse Book for Beginners
  33. Another Great Article on BRC`s Site
  34. Pro-Trail CA Legislator Endorses TPAC
  35. WA - WOHVA Annual Meeting - SUN 11/20
  36. Tread Lightly! Charity Auction - Now live on eBay!!
  37. The Inevitable Results of Greenhorn Closure
  38. Time to spread the word, and i need your help
  39. More BRC Support!
  40. Roadless Court Decision Validates OHV Use
  41. Recreation groups respond to roadless rule decision
  42. Voting: Better than a blue star
  43. Enough is enough! Tired of being bullied and threatened by state park officials!
  44. Tread Lightly! and Warn partner for a SEMA promotion!!
  45. BRC National Wilderness Legislative Update
  46. BLM News BITES
  47. US appeals court upholds roadless rule in forests
  48. Trouble for the EPA?
  49. Pirate4x4 member note Tahoe NF MVUM mistakes
  50. Tread Lightly! Trails Newsletter
  51. Cal4Wheel Action Center now Live
  52. Proposal to Ban Target Shooting on Western Parkland
  53. Bill Introduced on Effects of 15 Percent Ethanol
  54. BLM News BITES
  55. Raceline wheels and warn launch christmas auction for blueribbon coalition
  56. Heads up on the Annual TL! Charity Auction...!!!
  57. Pirate4x4 adds vendors to their blue star program
  58. Greenies Want to Expand North Cascades NP
  59. Pirate4x4.com supports brc with new "blue star" membership category!
  60. CALIFORNIA - Public Scoping on Proposed 007 Motorized Trail Project
  61. BLM News BITES!
  62. Pygmy owls to remain delisted
  63. How to be really cool on Pirate
  64. Phrase for today: "Learned helplessness"
  65. Bill reasserts recreational use of lands
  66. Ken Salazar aims to broker compromises on conservation vs. drilling
  67. Salazar gives progress report on wilderness plan
  68. Federal judge sides with BLM on management of Arizona Strip lands
  69. Congress to hold hearing on legislation that will prevent abuse of the Equal Access t
  70. House Committee Passes Border Security Bill
  71. BREAKING NEWS - County Votes to Designate Clear Creek as NRA
  72. Going on the offense in Slade, KY?
  73. Oct. 4 - San Benito County May Petition Congress to Designate Clear Creek a NRA
  74. HERE'S THE PROOF - all those roads you want to open and keep open are public roads!
  75. Choke Cherry / Glade Run Rec Area Comments due today!
  76. UTAH - Report on Sec. Salazar's Visit to Moab
  77. Noi to supplement modoc nf motorized travel management feis
  78. BLM News BITES!
  79. Letter to Congressman Darrell Issa
  80. AS PER THE SUPREME COURT: RS 2477 did not grant a right of way...
  81. Johnson Valley
  82. ARIZONA - BLM - Lower Sonoran Field Office Releases Land Use Plan
  83. All along - I'm on your side -Articles of Confederation, etc.
  84. Every road in the United States and its territories is a public road
  85. October 1st - Trail Clean-up, Lefthand Canyon (CO)
  86. Phrase for today: Conflict of interest
  87. BRC Alert
  88. BLM News BITES!
  89. Word for today: Afforestation
  90. Rep. Bishop Holds Legislative Hearing on APPLE Act
  91. Do you know how to read a BLM plat map?
  92. ABC News TV Story on Clear Creek - EPA/HFO Make Case for NRA Designation
  93. Colorado Trail Patrol
  94. Is R5/FS Changing TMR Closure Directives?
  95. Jobs Threatened by Court Decision
  96. Off-ROADERS read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Pomona Expo Contest Open to Public
  98. Closures and Analysis Paralysis Headline Sac Hearing
  99. WTF-- i got a BLM notice
  100. The beginning of the end for CBD
  101. Legislation to Protect WEMO Routes of Travel
  102. Look beyond Coyote Canyon!
  103. Tread Trainer Course - Oct 23rd Caribou, Maine
  104. Sept 19 Sac Field Hearing - FS TMR Constructed on Sand
  105. UFWDA publish their Summer edition of 'Voice'
  106. Coyote Keith addresses additional questions and concerns
  107. History on Monument Fight Shows Need for Congressional Fix
  108. 29 Palms base expansion update
  109. Coyote Keith answers questions and concerns
  110. Air Quality Board to meet September 28 regarding Oceano SVRA
  111. BLM announces intent to assess motorized vehicle use in West Mojave
  112. Congresman McClintock speaks out!!!
  113. CORVA endorses Coyote Canyon Citizens Association
  114. The Trail PAC Weighs in on NV CD2 Special Election
  115. Algore's 24 Hour Eco Fraud-a-Thon Starts Sept 14
  116. What we are up against
  117. BLM Permits - A Debate
  118. Subcommittee to Hold California Field Hearing on Restoring Access to Our Public Lands
  119. Congress to hold hearing on bills related to National Monuments
  120. Lucas oil off-road expo announces brc as 2011 charity of choice
  121. Butte County May Join Litigation on Plumas
  122. Rubicon Trail Easement and Resource Improvement Project
  123. Former Dep. Director of CA OHMVR Dies at Early Age of 44
  124. Tread Trainer Course - Sept 21st Bloomington, MN
  125. Great trail stewardship article in the Aspen Times (Colorado)
  126. Federal Employees - CFC Giving to help Tread Lightly!
  127. oregon sand dune land closure
  128. The Trail PAC Launched This Week
  129. Jerry Brown just Appointed TU's lead Attorney to the head of DFG!!!!!
  130. Senator Bill Morrow endorses Coyote Canyon Citizens Association
  131. Agenda 21 - More and More, People are catching on!
  132. Tucson City Council - Do you desire to sue the State of Arizona to stop hunting?
  133. Greens, Government Target Mainers
  134. CA Statewide Forest water issues not over!
  135. SoCal Collaborative Team
  136. Wall Street Journal Wilderness Poll
  137. Fox News Anti-OHV Hatchet Job
  138. OR Dunes Tour - It is worth the fight
  139. Public Meeting Seeking Input on Amargosa River Management Plans
  140. Recreational Access Council of California
  141. More California Desert Areas To Be Closed
  142. Moab's Coyote Canyon EA Available for Comment
  143. Definition?? nonpoint source discharge
  144. New Plumas Forest Supervisor
  145. Poison Spyder Customs Teams with Rikki Rockett
  146. Inyo to Host August 15 Public Meeting
  147. Forest Service asks Judge to Toss Lawsuit
  148. Fyi
  149. White River in Colorado
  150. 2011 CORDRAM Tour Announced
  151. New Eldorado NF supervisor
  152. surprise canyon
  153. Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grants - Deadline Aug 18th
  154. F.U.F.S. Fringe Frustration, Opinion, and Consternation (ffoc)
  155. Public Comment Period Extended for Furnace Creek Road Route Designation
  156. Positions on Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Subgroup
  157. BLM, New California State Director
  158. Take Advantage of Congress in Recess
  159. More land in Tennessee to go wilderness
  160. people working 4 us in Sequoia
  161. Tread Lightly!'s "Respected Access" Campaign
  162. Tread Lightly!'s "Ride On" Campaign. New PSAs!
  163. Trails in the Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests
  164. Recreational Trail Program Under Atack
  165. Lost Jeeps So Cal and Tread Lightly... Stewardship in Action
  166. Jeep Miller Trail Closure Take Action!
  167. Coalmont(Grundy Co. TN) OHV PARK
  168. Action Alert - Letters Needed to Keep Level 3 Logging Roads Open for OHV Use
  169. CORVA Updates...
  170. Cal. OHV Commission meeting
  171. Congressional Funding Update
  172. New Green Skunk at OHV Party
  173. QWR hosts WW2 auction to benefit The Wound Warrior Project
  174. Petition to Reform Permit Process
  175. CA folks..DO THIS NOW!
  176. BLM Soliciting Wilderness Proposals from State Lawmakers
  177. Legislation to Amend Recreation Permitting Process
  178. BRC Action Alert - Send OR Dunes Comments - Due July 25
  179. Congress to Hold Hearing on Bill that Supports Greater Access to Public Lands
  180. Farmington RMP
  181. BLM Begins Scoping Process for Glade Run Recreation Area
  182. SAWS ACTION ALERT: COW Forest Plan Revision Proposed Action
  183. Gun owners, Heads up, There are some anti firearm bills we need to fight
  184. Services at Loon Lake staging area ????
  185. Help Congress Fight the EnviroManiacs
  186. CO Roadless Rule Deadline
  187. Tread Trainers - New Resources on the website!
  188. Urgent this just in.....
  189. July 16th - Mt. Baker/Snoqualamie NF Clean Up (Washington)
  190. Algore Roadless Chief Behind OR Dunes Closure Agenda?
  191. 2009 U.A. Whopper Jr auction for land use
  192. Will Raley's Supermarket Rescue CA State Parks?
  193. PEER=Public Enemies Eliminating Recreation & Resources
  194. Another Oregon Sheriff Defies the Feds!!!
  195. The truth that the Center for Biological Diversity is!!!
  196. Interior Bias Continues Against OHV in New Econ Report
  197. U.S. judge acts to help endangered species in California
  198. Censorship is a sign of weakness...
  199. CA OHV Commission Sends Harsh Letter to Congress on Clear Creek
  200. Save the Oregon Dunes
  201. Trail Opening In SoCal
  202. AZ. - 700,000 Acre "Sonoran Desert Protection Proposal"
  203. Keeping Our Trails Open
  204. Kaibab and Coconino National Forests Seek OHV Ambassadors (Arizona)
  205. Landuse Training -- One Day Deal July 1st
  206. ORV riding needs on-the-ground enforcement
  207. Post Cong. Recreation Hearing Overview/Videos
  208. Great opinion in the Press Enerprise.
  209. Contact your Representative to Help Stop Enforcement of the Lead Ban!
  210. Congress to hold hearing on Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation on Public Lands
  211. New Scam - SaladCzar Soliciting Wilderness Proposals from Lawmakers
  212. Shasta Trinity NF Gets New OHV Coordinator
  213. Have you Made a Donation to a Presidential Candidate Yet?
  214. Chat live with Sec. Salazar on America's Great Outdoors Fri. at 2:00 pm EDT
  215. HUGGER-Blast: Off-Roaders Seek Takeover of California Parks
  216. A small step towards reopening Reiter Trails
  217. OHV Doublespeak
  218. SRP Subcommittee members chosen
  219. Article: Off Pavement Patriotism
  220. SACBEE - Quit Taking Money from the OHV Trust Fund?
  221. The Trail Party - Take Poll on Pro-Access Political Planks
  222. Salazar reverses course on 'wild lands'
  223. Update/Overview of Eldorado Court Decision
  224. S. 1087 Releases WSAs and Roadless Areas for Multiple-Use
  225. Finally - Eldorado Court Decision!!!
  226. The End for Taxpayer Funded Environmental Litigation
  227. Looking for contact to Discuss SD Trails
  228. Street legal OHVs allowed into Cabeza Wildlife Refuge
  229. Snore needs your help!!!!!
  230. Tread Lightly! Awareness course HHSVRA.
  231. Johnson Valley/29Palms - Marines Screw Up, Major NEPA Violation
  232. Master Trainer Courses - San Diego, CA
  233. Take Off-Road Voter Straw Poll for GOP Contender
  234. Why Tread Lightly!...?
  235. New FOIA Update on National Monuments and Green Groups
  236. 70 state park units to close in 2012 - No SVRAs?
  237. OHMVR field trip & meeting May 24-25
  238. Draft Planning Rule - comments almost due!
  239. Friends of Oceano Dunes needs our help
  240. Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition NEW WEBSITE IS UP...
  241. Are Trail Voters Ready to Support a Green Newt for President?
  242. Time for Congress to Designate a National OHV Appreciation Day?
  243. DAC to Meet in San Diego JUNE 3-4
  244. Submit Comments on the Johnson Valley Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
  245. BLUERIBBON COALITION ACTION ALERT! Submit Comments To Save Johnson Valley
  246. HUGE Give-a-way for JV!
  247. FS Land Management Planning Rule 90 Day Extension Denied - Take Action!
  248. National Landuse News and Cycle Gear Donation
  249. USFS Planning Rule Hearing - May 5th 9:30 AM - Video Feed Included
  250. Could use some help