: Land Use Issues

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  1. Don't Be Cherry-Stemmed Out of Access
  2. They are still trying to change the CWA to regulate puddles....
  3. Comment period for OSV use extended
  4. What to really help keep our trails open in California?
  5. Join the Line Up -- Trails Await Our Help
  6. Truckhaven TDS Needs Your Help
  7. Moab Map Downloads Benefit BRC!
  8. LTBMU to hold OHV open house
  9. Feds sued for blocking thousands of recreational routes in Plumas National Forest
  10. Freaking awsome news! CORVA and Sierra Access Coalition File suit
  11. House Bill Ensures Public Science Used for EPA Regulations
  12. KS, Arkansas river-Natl Water Trail. Good or Bad?
  13. BRC Congratulates Rubicon Trail Volunteers
  14. More Land Use Leaders Graduate VLLS
  15. Del Albright's VLLS workshop kicked AcceSS
  16. Over Snow Vehicle meetings and links
  17. CO - President Acts to Restrict More Western Land
  18. Urgent comments needed on Oceano SVRA
  19. Blue Star Program of Pirate4x4 Donates AGAIN!
  20. BLM hosting OHV Grant Workshops
  21. CA - EDNF Open House to discuss Off-Highway Vehicle grant applications
  22. CA - Congressman McClintock Appointed Chairman of House Subcommittee on Federal Lands
  23. President Continues Western Land Grab in Alaska
  24. Green Decoys, or environazi's posing as sportsman groups.
  25. Federal vs State land ownership.
  26. Land Use App Revised Updated - free from Del Albright
  27. How To Write Effective Letters
  28. RIP Jerry Hobbs
  29. Surprise canyon Panamint city lawsuit
  31. Be There Or Be Square!
  32. $1.1 Trillion Budget Deal May Delay Sage Grouse Listing
  33. Rugged Ridge Trail Access Grant
  34. CA - Western Caucus Members Vote to Help Central Valley
  35. New BRC Landuse Alert System
  36. SUWA/RS 2477 Smackdown
  37. Washington State Trail Policy committee
  38. House Passes Bill to Prevent EPA from Implementing Regulations without Science
  39. Forest Service proposing seasonal closure on Deer Valley Trail for Yosemite Toad
  40. House Passes Bill to Improve Transparency and Balance in EPA
  41. Environmentalists want more roads?!
  42. Late Notice: Southern NV Trail Closures Meetings 11.12.14 & 11.13.14
  43. Republicans Take the Senate - It will be a busy year for Land Use!!
  44. Urgent-STOP the PCT Land Grab
  45. and now Subpart C over-snow vehicle use
  46. UTAH - Utah Public Lands Alliance formed to keep trails open
  47. Tahoe NF to Host Open Houses Subpart "A"
  48. Obama Designates San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
  49. FS to possibly ban photo and video from lands.
  51. Congress Directs BLM to Consult Public and Incorporate MUSY in RMPs
  52. House Passes Bill to Prevent Federal Overreach in Western Waters
  53. Forest Health, Wildfires, and OHV
  54. CA-SB 1077 Bill to Create "Road Usage Fee" Pilot Program Approved by Legislature
  55. Open Letter to OHV Businesses and Community
  56. QWR Overview of NEW FS Trail Construction Website - Very Cool!
  57. How to keep NOR CAL's HIGH LAKES OHV area OPEN! Please Read!
  58. Yet Another BLM Land Grab in the West
  59. VERY large fuels reducion project Eldorado NF
  60. Nor Cal High Lakes- GET INVOLVED!!!
  61. Clover Valley/Deer Valley 19E01
  62. NM - CBD Lawsuit Against the Gila National Forest
  64. More on Feds vs. Rural Sheriffs
  65. ORBA Hosts Historic Land Use Summit in Nevada
  66. House Passes Bill to Update the Outdated and Inefficient Endangered Species Act
  67. NEVADA-CALIFORNIA - USFS & BLM Release Bi-State Sage-Grouse Revised DEIS
  68. House Committee Passes Bill to Address Western Needs
  69. H.R. 4886, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act of 2014
  70. CA - BLM Advisory Council Plans Meeting at Mother Lode Field Office
  71. Need Help for Tahoe Group (Lawsuit)
  72. Lawmakers Fight Forest Service Directive to Seize State Waters
  73. Richardson Lake Trail Tour
  74. Hey Guy’s it’s almost that Time of Year Once More, NPLD 2014.........
  75. Message from CA OHMVR Division
  76. Federal government to take 54,000 acres near Grayling, MI
  77. Pirate Blue Star Club Kicks in AGAIN!
  78. Amador and Land Use on Hog Radio Show
  79. Help OHV Bust Senate Stalemate
  80. Calling all Blue Star Club landuse warriors!
  81. Northern California Fines.
  82. Tahoe National Forest Maps are Out 5
  83. CA State parks director quits as overhaul effort continues
  84. President Continues Western Land Grab
  85. One of Our Own Inducted into the 2014 Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame
  86. BRC Brings Back Print
  87. House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Clear Creek
  88. Voters in Calaveras county ca need to vote
  89. Federal Land Grab Comes to California at Vail Lake
  90. Open Riding Lawsuit in Ocotillo Wells Will Go To Court
  91. The Obama administration is making Clinton look OHV friendly
  92. Washington Input Needed: Governor's Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation
  94. Moab
  95. Reform the ESA - Rep. Gosar cosponsors new bills
  96. Please come to this meeting this Wednesday
  97. 42" boggers
  98. Sage Brush Rebellion - Getting Back to the Constitution
  99. OR Court Decision Good for OSV/OHV
  100. Trails in North Idaho
  101. Comment Period for Bi-State Distinct Population Segment Greater Sage-Grouse Reopening
  102. No Room for Trail Bigots in Land Use Debate
  103. CA - More Enviro Spanking
  104. CBD Takes One at Glamis
  105. Comments on CA OHV Grants Due April 7
  106. The Trail PAC - OHV Political News
  107. CA-BLM Sued Failure to Report Impacts of ORV, Cattle Flatulence, Etc on ESA Types
  109. Support Reform of National Monument Designations
  110. Canyon Country Zephyr article
  111. CA-Ocotillo Wells SVRA Seeks Input on Draft Planning Alternatives by March 10
  112. UTAH/ARIZONA - Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan
  113. Easter Jeep Safari - Potato Salad Hill Cleanup & Fundraiser
  114. BRC Leads National OHV Sage Grouse Task Force
  115. Letter Writing Party for the Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan - 2/27/14
  116. ESA Reform: Report, Findings and Recommendations
  117. Eminent Domain
  118. Rancho Performance Suspension and Shock Brand Partners with ORBA
  119. way to raise money for the group of your choice
  120. Public comments for FARMINGTON NM needed
  121. Omix ADA Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program
  122. Eldorado NF OHV Grant Application/Open House
  123. Tahoe Forest Open House and Grants
  124. Forest officials want to hear from you
  125. Congress Attempts to Prevent 74,000 Acres of New Wilderness
  126. Oppose Massive New National Monument Designations
  127. Ensure Public Lands Have a Public Voice
  128. Attend Open House for Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan or comment!
  129. Movie: Pedal Driven
  131. Support Pro-OHV Candidates for Congress
  132. Past Completely Ridiculous - Passage of "Good Samaritan" Search Bill
  133. BRC Forms National Sage Grouse Sub-Committee
  134. Yeah....that makes sense.
  135. WA: Getting more access with a better immunity law
  136. Rational Apathy and the Slow Death
  137. CDB-Sierra Klub defeated
  138. Bio-Regional Assessment
  139. BRC and Partners WIN another court victory!
  140. Landuse New Year Message from Del Albright
  141. Former REI CEO Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell Stands Down on Blueways
  142. Wildfire and Dual Sports Top QWR 2013 Stories
  143. Donstradamus Issues Top 10 OHV Predictions for 2014
  144. WY - BLM/FS Release DEIS for Sage-Grouse Resource Management Plan/Land Use Plan
  145. Pirate4x4 Blue Star Saves Trails
  146. December 2013 UFWDA Voice
  147. Garfield County, Colorado Challenges BLM's Greater Sage-Grouse Plans
  148. Barrett Lake 4wd Trail Reconstruction Scoping - Eldorado National Forest
  149. CORVA wins an important victory!!!!!
  150. Is Ken Marcus gone is the forrest safe to go to again?
  151. ID/MT - BLM Releases Sage-Grouse Plan/DEIS for Idaho-Southwestern Montana
  152. Albright To Lead BlueRibbon Coalition Operations
  153. UT/WY - 4 Million Acre Sage Grouse Habitat Management Proposed for NF and BLM Lands
  154. Carnegie Meeting Tuesday
  155. Feds seek nominations for public lands recreation committee
  156. BLM director nomination....bad news
  157. Secretary of the Interior Issues Her First Secretarial Order
  158. Carnegie
  159. CA/NV - 1.8 Million Acre Sage Grouse Listing Proposed
  160. Is Road and Track Magazine razing money for anti-access groups
  161. Letter To National Park Service Requesting Equal Treatment For All Americans
  162. Obama Administration Continues to Pick and Choose Who The Law Applies To
  163. Shutdown Update with closures, pics, articles
  164. Endangered Species Act Working Group to Hold Forum Next Week
  165. Forest service employees vote no confidence on leadership
  166. Some El Dorado County FS Roads to reopen
  167. Ohio SCORP
  168. USFS Determined to By-Pass Congress and the Wilderness Act
  169. MI Gov. Signs Three Pro-OHV Bills
  170. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend and Voting These ^&*()%$ Out.
  171. House Approves Bill to Restore Forests and Communities
  172. Could Passage of a Bill Related to U.S. Strategic Interests Benefit Future OHV Access
  173. Sage grouse closure
  174. Oppose Massive National Monument Designations
  175. Timefor Family OHV Recreation - Amador preaches to self
  176. Forest Service agrees to review snowmobile impacts
  177. UFWDA August edition of the online 'Voice'
  178. Funding for USFS Programs and Projects Diverted to Fight Fires in the West
  179. Natural Resources Committee MUSY Hearings
  180. Moonrocks Vandalism 8/17/13
  181. Alpine OHV Route Success Story in Lake Tahoe Area
  182. Committee Sets Meeting to Consider Imperial Sand Dunes Fee Proposal
  183. Sierra Club Advances Opportunities for Veterans and Military Families on Public Land
  184. Snow-Mountain-Berryessa National Conservation Area
  185. CA - Sierra National Forest Plan Revision
  186. CA & OR - New National Park Proposed
  187. Give Me Your OHV Keys
  188. How UCD Student Volunteers Did a Job the NPS Couldn't
  189. Deer valley ca
  190. RTP Again!
  191. Looking for light wheeling in NE Ohio!
  192. More Land Use Lunacy
  193. Public Comment Period Extended on Possible Loss of 2M Acres in Sierras to Frogs
  194. Please sign petition to the Governor of Tennessee
  195. Summer in America’s Great Outdoors
  196. 12 states sue EPA
  197. East Bay Park Votes to Ban OHV Use on Tesla
  198. Off-road lifestyle as we know it might soon be gone
  199. Amador on BikeWeek Radio - lots of OHV
  200. LaMalfa Passes Major Regulatory Relief Amendment for Farms, Ranches and Forestry
  201. park in KY DTOR fighting to stay open
  202. Biology Fraud Scandal on North Coast
  203. Former REI CEO Slapped Down
  204. TPAC Fundraiser Going Thru the 4th
  205. THANK YOU and OHV Becoming Part of Political Landscape in DC
  206. AZ - 19 Brave Fire Fighters Lose Their Lives
  207. Trail PAC fundraiser today
  208. OHV Grant Monies Increased
  209. Urge your Rep to Cosponsor Legislation to Limit Anti-Access Groups
  210. Do not no what to do but post this
  211. 10th Circuit Court Slap Down
  212. UT-Sierra Club “100% Certain” President President Will Designate National Monument
  213. ENF Sheriff yanks the USFS Powers
  214. Inyo county closure
  215. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Slap Down
  216. Where to go
  217. Cook JV Bill to the House Floor
  218. Friends of Eldorado Web Page?
  219. Deer valley and slick rock trail
  220. Ocotillo wells lawsuit?
  221. Could Rubicon and Fordyce be taken out by a Frog?
  222. Yellow-legged frogs
  223. Is the environment made for humans or vice versa? TNF suit UPDATE
  224. Fordyce Trail Sanitation
  225. Black Hills Trails
  226. Southern New Mexico proposed land closures
  227. AMA: California to Opt Out of the Recreational Trails Program
  228. Fort Bragg/Westport Ca Proposed Beach Closure
  229. Oceano dunes, show your support!
  231. Chair of Armed Services Support for Cook's JV Legislation
  232. No Grain Of Sand!
  233. "America's Red Rock Wilderness Act" Moab, UT
  234. Uwharrie National Forest, NC
  235. Action needed to stop ban of lead ammo in CA
  236. House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on National Monument Designations
  237. Save Our Sport Stickers - Help Save OHV Use in Colorado
  238. President's Budget Proposal Would Slash Trail Funding
  239. California RTP: Immediate Action Needed
  240. Carnegie SRVA Livermore, CA Public Comment period
  241. Plumas National Forest - MVUM inconsistencies and errors?
  242. Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment
  243. OHV Park proposed in Forest County, WI
  244. BFG Outstanding Trails winners for 2013
  245. Some good news...
  246. Land Use Grants - Comments Requested
  247. Bay to Blue Ridge Cruisers donate to the Blue Ribbon Coalition
  248. Possible NEPA Requirements Enhancement via Executive Order
  249. New Deputy Director - OHMVR Division
  250. William "Chink" Brown, a partner in the lawfirm that representsBlackCreek Development