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  60. this is a test
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  81. ok AIM, this is twice
  82. son of a bitch, that could have sucked
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  89. My search-fu is not strong
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  120. since so many peopel have made various comments...
  121. wasn't someone looking for a canoe?
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  170. So,... Rifles.
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  173. Nanotech bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny
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  183. Cool site, but I think Im now on a watch list...
  184. Per 4runner's request.....
  185. Making sausage....
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  187. Kahr Break-in Procedure and Tips
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  189. gas operated pistol - note to IDPA/UPSPA shooters
  190. Ok, which one of you machinists did this?!?!?!
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  240. CGF, SAF, NRA and others have now filed 3 separate lawsuits to overturn Ca AB962
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