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weight loss thread thingy.

Posted 06-17-2008 at 03:46 AM by IH_Co_pilot
Updated 06-18-2008 at 05:32 AM by IH_Co_pilot

So good morning PBB this is my weight loss thread where I'm going to write down ever bit of food exercise and drink I've had.

June17, 2008
For starters I found out when I use my big green coffee mug I use 2/3c. milk in it to cream my coffee.
6:44 am- coffee and 2% milk. about 120 cals? (it's 130 per cup of 2% milk)
Later for breakfast I plan on having bacon, a boiled egg and some tomatoes and green pepper.. A bonified stage 1 SBD breakfast.

ok let's see here I walked a blister on my heel So I told Philip I'm going to need new shoes, HE told me to get some.. What's a good cheep brand of walking/running shoe?
I getting up to go fix breakfast now. then go out and /scrape paint the windows on the back side of the house.

2 slices of bacon-80 cals.
2 hard boiled eggs-
half a green pepper-

I don't know how to write below the picture!!! eeek..

I have come to realize that scraping paint off window is a messy and nasty job that makes your legs hurt because your standing on a ladder, and your shoulders hurt because they're above your head and a constant back and forth motion.

So I just finished walking. Did another 20 min stretch up and down theroad. My kids walked with me alternating between thte three of them per lap. It takes me 4 mins to walk a lap and thats at a fairly good pace. I dind't think our street was 2 mins long. hmm. I don't know how to determine how long that is though. it has 6 1/4 acre lots down one side. down and back down and back... bare foot because my shoes give me blisters.

Oh yeah add 2 big glasses of water.

add the other half of the green pepper and another cup of coffee w/ 2%milk

running out of colors here for my updates....
Time stamp for Muddin'
12:01 June 17,2008
I just found some kiwi's I forgot I bought last week and inhaled one while washing potatoes for lunch. Baked potatoes with salt -n- peppa and little sour cream but not much. I'd rather have sour cream than butter so I'm opting for that. I don't know what meat I'm going to add to the tater, maybe I can find a can of tuna or something If not I'll add some colby jack cheese to the top of the tater.
Dinner tonight is pulled chicken thigh and rice with a side of salad.. I need to go to the grocery store and restock. I also cleaned my bed room top to bottom including windows.

ohhh pale green... love green
WEll it's 12:26 and my potato is yummy. I added a Tblsp of sour cream salt and pepper. These are tiny potatoes, so i did 2 of them resulting in about a fist full of mushed delight.I've always heard the right per portion is about the size of my fist so.. there ya have it.
The taebo bit torrent I'm downloading is about halfway finished. Wow that really didnt' fill me up. I might have to go fix a salad.

ok The water isnt' working.. I think I'm really hungry. grabbing a salad.. Tomato, green pepper, a little colby jack cheese, and a bit of ranch ( I KNOW I have to go shopping!) I've gotten the office,hall and dining room clean

Instead of the salad and dressing I opted for some colby jack cheese slices off the block and half a green pepper ( I have alot of peppers in the house) I sprinkled a little bit og garlic on the cheese and it was extremely good. My tummy's not grumbly anymore.
On top of all that I've drunk so much water today I'm peeing like I'm preggers and its all clear (Tmi?)

3:16(ohh good bible verse!)
I had a spoon of peanut butter. It says that it's about 160 cals on the label. so there goes dressing on my salad.

Oh and as for my weight before the scale died I was weighing in at 220. I'm 5'5".

So I've decided that I'm not going to make chicken for dinner. I marinated some whitening fish in my new olive oil butter, garlic, and creole seasoning. As sides I'm making salted' yellow squash and Vidalia onions and steamed green beans..
I added everything up and it looks like it totaled just under 800 cals. divide that in half (2 people eating it) and that's a 400 cal dinner! woot!

oh yeah I am drinking another big cup of coffee. This time I added half coffeemate (60 cals) and half 2% milk. I also ate one of those 100 cal prepackaged things for a 4:30 snack.

me-15 yrs ago....
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    dglilbit's Avatar
    Your food choices really do look pretty good! You have a lot of veggies and some fruit. You might want to up your protein at lunch somewhat to keep you fuller longer, but needing to eat a snack 2 hours after lunch isn't bad and is actually a good thing. I eat every 2-3 hours.

    I show you have burned about 1000 calories today if you used 1 oz of the cheese on your salad and 2 tbsp of the ranch dressing. So you are actually doing really well! Without knowing your weight, I would hazard a guess that you probably need around 1400-1600 calories a day to lose weight at a fairly even rate. That might be a little low though so when you get your scale be sure to plug in your information into a site like sparkpeople.com to get a good recommendation of calories.

    1 chicken thigh (bone and skin removed) = 82 calories
    2 cups rice = 484 calories (If only ate 1 cup of rice = 242 calories)
    Salad (no dressing or cheese) = 50 calories
    With dressing, add 150 calories
    TOTAL for dinner = 766 calories (If you eat 2 cups of rice and have dressing on your salad)
    TOTAL for dinner = 524 calories (If you only eat 1 cup of rice and you have dressing on your salad)

    So I think you'll do fine as long as you mind your portions tonight. If you get hungry between now and then look for one 50-150 calorie snack to eat and forgo the dressing on your salad. Remember that the little things, especially creamy or cheesy things do add up.
    Posted 06-17-2008 at 11:45 AM by dglilbit dglilbit is offline
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    dglilbit's Avatar
    You are doing good, keep it up! On the peanut butter, the serving size is 2 tbsp, so if you only ate 1 tbsp (if your spoonful was only 1 tbsp), you've got another one you can eat before you reach the calories advertised on the label.

    Since you are 220 and 5'5", your basal metabolic rate is 1770 calories. If you are active 3-5 days per week, you will burn on average 2745 calories per day (this is your active metabolic rate). If you eat 1600 calories a day you subtract it from your active metabolic rate:

    2745-1600 = 1145 calorie deficit per day
    Multiply by 7 = 1145 x 7 = 8015 calories
    Divide by 3500 (which equals 1 lb):
    8015/3500 = 2.29 lbs per week is what you should be losing
    You can multiply by 4 to get an approx. number of lbs per month you will be losing:
    2.29 x 4 = 9.16 lbs per month

    Not bad!!!

    Of course, as you lose weight your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and active metabolic rate (AMR) will change.

    Here's the site where I got the calculations:
    Posted 06-17-2008 at 12:53 PM by dglilbit dglilbit is offline

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