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Theives must die *new improved rant lol*

Some kids broke into my shop and stole our 3 bikes , I followed the tracks cause we live on a farm and found 1 , need help with the rest , offering a $2000 cash no question asked reward for there return

vins are JH2PE05278M6000021 CRF450R
JH2ME10237K310465 CRF250R


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no luck yet , calling out to all you abbotsford mission fraser valley people
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Thats shitty man.

I have my bike in the locked shop, with a chain locked to the A-frame, AND I hide the torch tips and any other cutting device. People in general are fuck heads and cant be trusted

Hope you find the rest of the bikes, and the punks that stole them.
Living vicariously through you
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Found 1 bike that was stolen at a kids house in his dads motorhome about 1 block away no shit my sons 100cc little no name bike was jammed in side for everyone to see , so my old lady calls the cops , cops come and take it , cops call me 1 week later and say no prints sorry nothing we can do but a interview with the kid ?????? So let me get this right , I follow a trail from my shop to this kids yard and $15,000 in bikes get stolen , you find the $500 one and say sorry there is nothing I can do????? Where the fuck does %1 of every penny I earn go to when tax comes off my pay cheque my food my gas my everything???

You have to wonder why in todays world someone steels from you and you dont have the right to go grab the fucking 18 year old gangster wanabee by the throat and find out where your dirtbikes are ? Pay your taxes people because evryone knows the law works for the criminal not the victim

In Coquitlam B.C a guy hears 3 kids drinking and smashing stuff well after dark walking down his street , he comes out side with a bat to make sure his property is not being smashed and they want to charge him even though he didnt hit anyone???? WTF

Bunch of drunk Iodits light some cars on fire and smash windows down town vancouver after the big loss , Great job RCMP after knowing like everyone ELSE THERE WAS GOING TO BE A RIOT !!! and right away 100,000.00 people from as far as the east coast are picking people out and naming them and getting them fired , fuck Imagine 10 people even helping you find your dog lol

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