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How to disassemble 10bolt Gov-Lock?

My nephew's '95 Tahoe ate a rear pinion bearing and I'm fixing it for him. Going good so far, new R&P, new bearings, cleaned up housing, etc. Now I'd like to clean up the carrier, but I cannot figure out how to get it apart. I'd really like to get all the chips out of it from the bearing/gear failure. I've never been around a Gov-Lock before, looks like I need to remove the gov parts to rotate the guts near the 'window' for removal.

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Takes a special tool to pull the pins out that hold the governor pieces
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for the price of a good 10 bolt from a local junk yard i would have just got a complete rearend and swapped it in. or better yet stick a 12 or 14 bolt under it. not sure about removing the gov loc though sorry. rather than buy "the special tool" (sorry dont even know what tool it needs) you might check to see how much it would cost just to have someone yank it apart to clean it out. might be cheaper than the tool if you dont plan to do this again. but then again if you do plan on doing it again, buying the tool may be the better option for future endevours. i for one like to have all the "specialty tools" i can get my hands on. sorry just thinking out loud. good luck on fixing it though.
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Seriously, I wouldn't bother with that unit. It is junk. Buy an Eaton Posi-Unit as they are of excellent quality and rebuildable
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Definatly dump the Gov-Loc, how old is your nephew and how does he drive? Honestly? I blew up an Eaton Posi on the street with 33's under my K5. Thats when I went to the 14bff. I would reccomend a Detroit of some variety.
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Thanks for the info, pretty much what I assumed. This Tahoe has 170K on it, it's been a lemon, he's 16 and wants to sell it. This is the second time it has been apart since March, new R&P/Bearings last time (someone else did it), but the rear pinion bearing failed and took out the R&P and other bearings again. I'm just trying to get it back together as cheap as possible but still doing a quality job. I do realize that the Gov-Lock is a time-bomb with a heavy foot.

Thanks for the info,
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GM tool J 26252 it looks like a big C-clamp with a small U shaped foot that fits around the governor pin to press the bushing out. Keep track of all the springs!

I made one out of an old C-clamp
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