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75 GM 14B - Help needed!

Hey Guys,
I recently got a GM 14B out of a 1975 Chevy 3/4ton truck. Front axle is a Dana 44, both axles are 8 lug. So this is 10.5 ring gear.

I'm looking into getting a spool for it, and a different Ring and Pinion ratio, and This whole "Thick Cut" Thing is confusing me. I'm a Samurai Guy, so I have no experiences with these axles. All I want is a spool and 5.38 Ring and Pinions. Do I need Thick Cut gears? Can I use the Carrier I presently have? (I'm planning on using a Mini spool, unless you guys advise me to use a full spool - But with only 70HP, I should be fine with either, I assume)

Hope you can help me out, Thanks guys!
- Isaiah
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Check out the 14 bolt bible in the tech section, has answers to all the questions you could have.

But since im bored and trying to kill time anyway, i will answer the question . There are 2 carriers on the 14 bolt, 4.10 and numerically lower, and 4.56 and numerically higher. If you want to run numerically higher gears where you had 4.10s before, you need to buy the thick gears. If you have 4.56s+ already, then you get the standard gears.

EDIT: dont even bother with the mini spool, just weld it up!
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Not for sure on this, but I believe that the 5.38 (which is relatively new on the market) is ONLY a thick cut gear. But double check on that. Which means you will need a 4.10 and down carrier to work with that gear, if that is the case.
It it has a 4.56 carrier in it, the thick cut gears won't work on that carrier.

In any case, figure out what ratio you got an proceed.

Look up Randys Ring and Pinion and ask them about the 5.38 being thick cut or if it comes standard cut, as its a relatively new 14 bolt ratio.

My friend just installed a 14 bolt and new 5.38s in his Jeep and the from what he told me, the 5.38 only came in a thick cut version.
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4.56--4.88--5.13 can be a thick cut gear.
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cool, i learned something today...

thanks, guys.
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Thanks for all the help guys! Pretty soon I'll get around to taking off the cover, So I can find out what ratio I have, to find out what gears I'll be needing to get.
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