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I bought these, but now they are giving a set away.

DANG! I bought a set of these now they are giving them away.. anyone wanna buy my set if I win the drawing?


Sean from RCV sent me some "cool gear" for buying before the drawing.. I will post pics when they arrive.
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no, ifs sucks.
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Originally Posted by trkklr77 View Post
no, ifs sucks.
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I'll give you a hundred bucks for em
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$500 PER SIDE? I could see it if the Chevy IFS had potential to be modified into a go-fast suspension but it really doesn't. The $1000 band-aid solution found in those axles could go a long ways towards a solid axle swap. What makes them so special, anyway? The plunge is moved to a splined section in the middle. I get that much, but are the joints actually any different? I think a person might be better off with a pair of $60 parts store remans with a lifetime warranty.
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