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Sas opinion wanted

May be doing a SAS on a 06 4x4 Duramax soon. I will be doing all fab work in house. I have no issues at all with links, shocks, bumps, ect. I just can't decide about a front axle. Here are the three choices i have been tossing around in my head.

Ford HP Dana 60

Dodge AAM 9.25

Dynatrac Dana 60

I know the Dynatrac is $$$$ but by the time you take either of the above and rebuild, add good parts and ratio you want, and probally a dynatrac free spin hub kit your going to be so close to the cost of the Dynatrac. I think I read on a post by chopperman that he wish he had just done a new axle rather than a older ford 60, but i may be wrong. I do want to keep ABS so tone rings will be needed. The AAM would be ready to go, not sure about the ford 60.

I am open to all opinions and would like to thank everyone for there help. For us GM guys we should all just bite the bullet because i think GM will never go solid front axle. I am either doing the swap or swapping brands. BTW i will be running 37 or 38 inch rubber.
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The dodge aam 9.25 axles are still fairly new and shouldn't need to much work other then regearing to your desired ratio and / or a free spin hub kit. The older fords would probabley need king pins,bearings,seals, and gears if you needed a different ratio then what came with it.
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If you have the cash Daynatrac 60 is a no brainer. Might increase the re-sale value to...
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I am going to price a dynatrac tomorrow. I found a aam for a grand but with a freespin kit, hubs, and gearing I will be at 4 grand plus my labor after all that I still have a used axle and have to deal with the caster/pinion angle. With the dyna I can get what I want. I am sure it will be well above 5 grand.

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looks like the dynatrac is going to be close to $6500 to the door with all the goodies. The other route I would be spending at least $4000 before any of my labor time. Both of these numbers include ABS. The dynatrac will be new with warrenty and pinion angle, caster will be perfect but it is quite a bit more $$$. The 60 or AAM route i will have to sacrifice pinion angle or caster and will have no warrenty at all.

My thoughts now are save a little more $$$ wait another month or two and go with the dynatrac. Now long radius arms or long 4 link. Seems it never ends. Can't wait to get cranking. Its been 3 years since i have tore into a truck.
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Doesn't the AAM swap in directly including ABS sensors?

Edit: Nevermind I was skipping around on the page.

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I am using the 78 Kingpin axle for my swap. I went with this axle because of the fact that I could easily relocate my steering to the top of the knuckle. Toby at Triple X has had really good results witth the 05 and newer superduty axles. Both have their Pros and cons. I bought all Superior Axle and Gear parts for my axle. I went with 35 spline outers and replaced the inners as well. Total was around 2,000 + 700 for the axle so I had 2700 in my 78 axle then went ahead and bought Reid inner C's and steering knuckles. I would recommend atleast replacing the stock knuckles the Ford steering knuckles are known for being weak. Here is a link to my build using the Triple X 4 link kit for the front.
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