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how long travel?

I'm still in the build stage of my truck, linked with 14" remote res coilovers up front. Planning to do the same in the rear, and run about 7 up / 7 down front and rear.
But at this stage I could still just as easily, well, almost as easily, go 16s in the front and build around 20" or so in the back. I'd be looking at still about 50/50 in the front, and 9 or 10 up in the back. Air bumps and possibly rear bypasses in the future, but definately not immediately.

My question is, do those of you with experience think that the unsprung weight (toys and 35s, 2800 lbs total) will be a bigger hinderance than the lack of travel, or would I still benefit from the added travel?

For what it's worth, it's built as low as possible, frame at full stuff will be about 11", so the added up travel won't have me sitting rediculously high either way.

Any feedback is appreciated...
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What kind of truck is this? Toyota? Are you running the stock steering setup?

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No, just a toy tranny/case and axles. Vw td. Samurai body, kind of. Getting links front and rear, and stretched to around 105".
I don't imagine the stock toyota push/pull steering would cooperate with a linked front suspension very well, especially one cycling around 16" vertical... I would think that would result in some SERIOUS bumpsteer, since the locating links will cycle the axle to the rear on droop, and the stock draglink would pull forward.
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