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What leaf spring lift do you guys have on Dodges?

Ok guys, I use my Dodge as a tow rig (flat tow) and daily driver. However, I have this disease that makes me screw with whatever I drive, so I'm thinking a lift and some 35's. It's a '91 W-200 with D60's front & rear. I have seen lifts lifted for Heavy Duty, and non HD for this year, and while it is a gas truck, and it seems to sit higher than the 1/2's I've seen of same year, I don't know what the lift manufacuters list as a HD. Any recommondations on lifts, or possibly the pro's and cons of a shackle flip? It seems to have a fairly large block in the rear already, so I know I'll need complete new spring packs for the rear. I would appreciate all comments, insights, and the occasional newbie joke
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Hey newbie I think you should leave your dodge alone and get that Samarai finished, and then get it up to me to get some tube work done.

This is Trevor from S&N Fab btw..
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I think the best way to get it to ride better, is to get some custom made 2+" lift springs by alcan or national spring. Then add air bags in the rear to help ya tow. Now I think that is the best setup, but it will also cost ya, and also get rid of the blocks. BUt i wouldnt do a flip with a tow rig because from what i have looked into, your style shackle will actually hold more weight. Anyway.. hope I gave ya some ideas. Garrett
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Old 01-02-2002, 09:17 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Hey Neckster (Trevor) how ya doin'? The Mighty Samurai will be moving again soon. It's out of the weeds at Randy's, and I just dumped off my tires there. That means they'll get it done just to get it out of the way. Once that's done, I'll probably be calling you guys up. Because as you know, Samurai's never, ever roll......

Anyways, PW, thanks for the idea of the Alcans or Nationals, but what about the existing packs like Skyjacker? Is a custom pack really that much better? Thanks for the info,
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as much as i hate the idea, i'm keeping my p.o.s. dodge on the crappy leaning stock springs just for the fact that it tows...it's really the most economical idea, but if i were to lift it, i'd go with alcans too. don't know how skyjacker's are on dodge's, but i loved them on my toyota.
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I'm running 6" front, and 4" rear skyjackers with airbags in the rear for the camper. I love the ride, and the 6/4 combo leveled the truck. The rear bags are firestones from summit, and I had to make some spacers out of 2" square tube to compensate for the lift. As for shocks, 9012's rear and 9010's front sweeten the ride. I also did a crossover steering for the d60, which I also recommend. I just ran this setup to the tip of Baja and back, and it worked very well. My .02.........Damn it's cold up here!
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