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A friend of mine has a 95 Dodge 1/2 ton with a noisy NP231HD. He is considering an Atlas 2 but someone told him that they're no good for fullsize trucks. We need your guys' wisdom on this one. Should he get the Atlas 2 or is there a better t-case he could use?
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how about a 205 with a doubler. You could probably use a Dodge 203reduction box but the 204 would have to be a Ford due to the driverside pumpkin. That would give you the 1.96 low range of the 205 or the 2.00 range of the 203 or a 3.92 with both in lowrange.
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I thought about the same thing. and yes, the 3.0 and 3.8 atlas are fine from what I know to put in the ram. Now When mine started making noise, I went to advance adapters to talk to them in person about what to do. For how I use the truck (daily driving, some towing, ocasional trip to hollister, and trips to go snowboarding) he advised me just to get a rebuilt one. And I am happy I did. Now only did I pay $740 insted of $2200, but I didnt have to re-do the driveshafts, or anything else. I just dont push my little 318 powered truck hard enough to need an atlas II. What i ended up getting though, was a mopar NP231 from chrysler,which is rebuilt with a 3 year 36k warrenty for $740 plus tax and a $450 core. Alot of options, but not worth it to me. Garrett

P.S. I know of a problem with the 241, and it may affect the 231 also, and I think it affected my truck. Sometimes under high torque some snap ring pops off and allows the shaft to bang aganst the casing, causing a bad grinding noise. I seriously thing that is what Happened to mine, but Never had it checked. If the truck has under 100k miles (mine had 61k when the tc went south) it may be worth it for a shop to take it apart and see if that is the problem.. and if it is it will be a whole lot cheaper than getting a rebuilt case. May want to reasearch that.
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