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Surprise Canyon Forum - Please Read...

Welcome to the Surprise Canyon Forum.
The purpose of this forum is for sharing information, stories and photos, of Surprise Canyon and Panamint City, as well as updates on the current lawsuit. Please be aware that due to the current lawsuit some material might not be appropriate or helpful to our cause.

For those that dont know, the "cause" is re-opening the 133 year old Surprise Canyon Road to Panamint City and the surrounding area. Its that simple.

Although the section of the road that travels over the falls (also known historically as the narrows) is the most well known and photographed, images of vehicles in this area are the most common photographs used against us in the media. The falls make up about 1/2 (one half) of a mile in a 5 mile trip to the city and there are dozens of miles of side roads that travel up both sides of the canyon once in the city that provide for outstanding views and access to historic sites and private property.

Photos of vehicles in the canyon should show responsible and legal use of the road. Pictures of vehicles disabled, on their side, or upside-down (if pictures of this nature even exist) are highly discouraged. Stories of how you may have broken your vehicle in areas of the road that may be considered sensitive by our opposition are best left for around the campfire.

Im bringing this up now as quotes from websites are being used by environmental groups in their motion to intervene in the current lawsuit. You just have to figure that "anything you say or post can and will be used against us". Please be responsible.

I dont like the word censor, and I in no way want to censor anyone here.
I am just asking that before you post, ask yourself if your story or photos are in the best interest of the current efforts to re-open the road.

If you have any questions about historic use or current status of the road or lawsuit, feel free to ask. Ill do my best to answer.

Thank you,

Kris Tholke.

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"There's the troublemaker" - Craig Beck, BLM Ridgecrest Field Office


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