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Ranger & F150 rear springs the same?

I have an 01 Ranger 4x4 and im lookin for rear leaf spring options that will raise the truck up about 6" or enough where i just use the factory blocks. Are there some economical leaf spring solutions? That will let me still tow and carry loads?
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Found this....leafs
Wanna touch it?
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That thread has some good info but doesnt really answer his question.

I think you should seriously consider this:


I put a FAQ up on ORR with more ranger oriented info as well...

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Do a shackle flip with 150's and make a anti-wrap bar.
That should be a cheap alternitive that should give you much better load carring ability over ranger springs. Although you will loss one inch of wheelbase if you use the factory front hangers, due to the center pin offset.
I have had both springs in my bronco and found that I gained roughly 2-4" lift and a much higher towing capacity with the 150's over the ranger springs.
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Factory explorer springs will do the same thing while giving you more flex than the f150 springs since you don't have the weight to move them with a ranger. you have closer the the explorer and the curve of the explorers is pretty dramatic they were good for 2-2.5 on mine but I put some off a 200K plus explorer sport w/ sagging springs on mine so you should get more out of a lower mileage 4 door rig stiffer springs if you find them on one with a towing package.
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explorer/ranger springs are the same if they are the 3 leaf tow packs.. very little lift if any on a supercab. i have run them combined with a full b2 pack since 97. i blow thru a set or so a year. getting ready to replace the drivers side again cause it is sitting 2-3 inches lower again.

the 3 in f springs are pretty good...dont know about the 2.5's though. the ones i was going to use were too wide for my stock hangers so i never tried em.
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I also second the exploder leafs. I will be swapping a set into my BII in the near future. right now Im running the stock pack, with one extra top leaf from a ranger. The springs are, really, really soft. But, with the 302 it wraps the springs up realy bad, and they are bending..
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