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Late model Bronco for DD/Tow rig?

I need a new daily driver so that I can turn my toyota into a full time trail rig. What I need is a vehicle with the power to pull my toy (flat-tow for now, maybe a trailer later), as well as provide transportation to college (100 mile round trip). I have always liked the look of the bronco. So my question is, would a late model (93-96) ford bronco work well for this? What kind of pulling capacity does a Bronco have? I know the 5.8 would be better for pulling than the 5.0, but what is the difference in gas mileage between the two? Also, is there any problems to watch for on these vehicles?
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A Bronco is good for 5K pounds, easy. It will pull more than that, but the wheelbase and the brakes aren't up to it. I honestly wouldn't feel very comfortable with a flat-tow just because of the lack of trailer braking.

Believe it or not, but the 351 usually pulls down better mileage than the 302. The difference is next to nothing regardless.

I think you'd be better served by an F-150 just because of the longer wheelbase. An F-250 would be ideal.

If you're concerned about doing your own work, don't get a 96+ -- OBD-II controls on all those. No big deal if you find the perfect rig and it's a 97, but if it's between a 94 and a 96, I'd pick the OBD-I truck.

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The Bronco is capable of towing. We used to tow horses behind a 92 Eddie Bauer with the 351. Power was not a problem, however the short wheelbase led to crappy towing (lots of trailer sway, etc).

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I had an 88 351W EFI and a 78 351M.

IMO both were underpowered for towing.

brakes were marginal for towing over 3500. I towed about 4K.

IMO a F250 or a suburban 2500 makes for a better towrig.
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