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Question about Bronco I might buy

Me and my dad have been looking at a 92-96 (never really asked) Bronco XLT w/ 351 and 190K on the ticker. The guy is asking 2800 but said he would negotiate. My dad test drove it while I was at work yesterday and said that everything ran great (no engine noise, lots of power) except that it idled high (2K idle, around 1300 in gear) and the tranny shifted hard (not a little tap, I guess it kicked farely hard).

What are your guy's take on the problems, I'm guessing that the idle can be adjusted (don't know, I've never dealt with a EFI ford). What do you guys think. I'de really like to get it to replace my nissan but don't want another lemon.
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My take is that I would take it to a reputable mechanic for a new vehicle inspection prior to buying it. The $75 you spend will work for you whether you decide not to buy it because it'll cost you thousands to get running right or whether you use the problems that the mechanic finds to talk the seller down in price.
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High idle, could be as simple as a vaccum leak.
But with almost 200k on the motor, plan to buy one.
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i'll tell you now that the tranny is on its last leg. definately going to need a rebuild. if you're lucky you might be able to get it fixed before it needs a full rebuild but the chances are slim to none. if its an e40d plan to spend a pretty penny and get one with a warranty
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tranny is probably going out, unless it has a shift kit in it, which is unlikely, high idle cannot be adjusted, it is all run by computer, could also just be a sensor or something, its really hard to tell
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High Idle sounds like a TPS (throttle positioning sensor).
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