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Thumbs up Baileigh Contest: The Ultimate Hookup...Best Giveaway So Far !!!!!!!!!

Attention Pirate 4x4!
This contest is the Ultimate Hookup.
It is different than any other contest.
I cannot emphasize this enough:
Please read rules carefully!!!

Welcome to another Pirate 4x4 / Baileigh Giveaway:

The Ultimate Hookup winner gets:

  • Tube Bender, Handle and Stand
  • Choice of 1 Die Set
  • Tube Notcher
  • Giant Shop Banner
  • Tube Bending Training
  • Free Shipping
  • .....and a chance to arm wrestle Shane at Baileigh.

That's right !!! Your friends at Baileigh Industrial are giving the Pirate
crowd a chance to win one of our RDB-050 tube benders, your choice
of any die, the TN-250 tube notcher, and a Giant Baileigh Banner for your shop!
On top of that, we’ll even pick up the freight charges to
any business address in the continental United States!

RDB-050 Tube Bender

The beefiest manual tube bender on the planet,
the RDB-050 now sells for $895 fully assembled with
a stand and handle included. Massive capacity, 3 bending speeds,
1" drive arms, 180 degrees in one shot, no pins to monkey around with. Enough said.
Check out this video and see why we dominate.
Check it out here:

Baileigh RDB-050 Tube Bender, 3 speeds, Large Capacity Tubing and Pipe Benders - YouTube

TN-250 Notcher

Now let's talk about the TN-250.
Our best seller on Pirate by far.....period.
Priced right at $595 and always in stock.
Plus you get to notch on a bend.

Check it out here:

Baileigh TN-250 Tube & Pipe Notcher with Radial Vise Tubing Notching Pipe Coping Machine - YouTube

The Contest:

Rules are simple, convince the Baileigh team to
pick you by posting your entry in this thread.

Some good Examples:

Be loud, be funny, be extreme, be creative and keep it clean!
Go "over the top" with your entry!
Why do you need these machines?
What are you building?
Tell us why you hate your current bender.
How will you make us laugh or cry in your entry?
Got a funny video that promotes Baileigh?
Got a Baileigh song and video?
What do you want to build?
Why does Baileigh dominate?
Why should we pick you?!

We are looking for a true fabricator who will show off this equipment right when they get it and not let it sit and collect dust

Make sure your entry is your own stuff!
Don't post a bunch of funny pictures and comics
from the internet, make it your own and keep it clean!

Please remember that this is a contest....

So have some fun and BE CREATIVE with your entry! Please keep it clean! MAKE US LAUGH, STAND OUT FROM THE REST! (A tip: We like pictures, videos and cool stuff like that, so the simple “I’m in!!” post has a hard time getting seen and will unlikely be considered).
Pictures of past builds, past fabrication projects and fabrication action shots of your work always score well with the judges, but this time we want you guys to bring it and have some fun.

Should you win, we are going to need photos; testimonials, a couple You Tube videos, and build threads started showing just how incredible your new Baileigh shop really is.
This would be used both here on Pirate and also on the Baileigh Industrial websites here and in the UK.
International, baby! In a way you will become the next “celebrity spokesperson” for Baileigh.

The Rules:

The contests runs from 2-1-2012 to 3-1-2012
Entries close at 12:00pm CST (high noon!) on 3-1-2012. Winners will be notified on this thread and will have one (1) week to respond and accept their prize.
Should the chosen winner not claim their prize, another winner will be chosen by the judges, and so on until the prize is claimed.

Not just anyone off the street has a chance at this awesome equipment, as it is limited to the Pirate star owners only.
Get your entries in and be creative and be funny! Did I mention be funny? If anyone has any questions regarding this contest please let us know by asking them in this thread, sending a pm, or contacting us direct through our website.

Remember Baileigh Industrial is the leader for Off Road Fabrication.
From full blown production to the guy in the garage.
We have it all in one place.

Tube Benders, Roll Benders
Tube Notchers
Plasma Tables
Cold Saws
Sheet Metal Tools
Mills, Lathes, Drills

Check this list of Pirate Vendors who trust Baileigh Benders

Good Luck Guys!

Shane Henderson
Baileigh Industrial

Metal Fabrication Heaven
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Here it goes! Hope to get pictures and video's up too. It may be long but I need to win this contest and I hope you read it all.

My name is Bobby Cox and I am the next Baileigh Industrial Idol! I want to win this contest so badly. I need to win this contest. I have four sons to feed on a teacher's salary. The simple math is I don't have the cash to buy the tools I really need. My great friend Brent has lent me the use of his hydraulic bender which I greatly appreciate. The two big problems are I have to one give it back and two it sucks to bend with it. It gets the tube bent but it is slow, unsteady, inaccurate, hard to setup, and impossible to repeat a bend.

One stroke goes to about 45 or 47 degrees depending on if the degree wheel moved or not. When it is time to return the bender back to its original position you have to use a large piece of tube as a lever, and contort your body to create enough power to push the ram back to the start.

The degree wheel is constantly moving out of position no matter how much you tighten it down. The coat hanger pointer is better suited for my closet then it is to build a tube chassis.

If I'm lucky and not exhausted from the first bend, then I better pray I'm lucky to get a second piece of material bent the same way.
To top it all off when I give the bender back even though it sucked it bent tube at the very least. I will have to resort to man power and heat to get my bending done. I guess having four boys is a good thing now, since they can all hang on or jump on the end of a straight tube in hopes it will bend.

With the Baileigh Industrial RDB-050 tube bender I know I can make steady, accurate, easy, fast, and repeatable bends. The solid stand, 1" drive arms, 1/2" thick ratchet wheel, easy to read degree wheel, three speed adjustable handle, and the 2 1/2" o.d tube capacity will make this all possible. I will happily give my friend his bender back and he can borrow my new Baileigh Industrial RDB-050 "Ultimate, Mega" bender anytime he wants. Trust me once he see's my new bender he will definitely be back.

Also this is just been about how desperately bad I need the ultimate RDB-050 tube bender, but I assure you I have not forgotten about the most bad to the bone, bullet proof, stronger than Super Man himself, TN-250 tube notcher. The TN-250 tube notcher is simply put amazing! At one point in my poverty I actually acquired the funds to purchase a TN-250 tube notcher. I wanted this notcher the moment the news of it was released. I knew I had to have and there was no way I could work on my buggy ever again unless I had this beast of a notcher. I scrounged every penny I could together and managed to be the first person or so I believe to have purchased the TN-250 tube notcher.

Well I know your wondering why I was so desperate to have this notcher. Well if you've ever notched with a Harbor Freight tube notcher then you know why. They are 1/4" thick at best in some places they are a mere 1/8" thick. The puny shaft used to attach the hole saw to the drill is at best suited as a paper weight. I was literally trying to make a 90 degree notch on the end of a piece of 1.75" .120 wall DOM tube and the notcher start to disentegrate in my hands. The shaft started bending and then oscillating like a warped ceiling fan. The sheet metal size screws and bolts started loosening and then the entire notcher fell apart into pieces. This was my "SECOND" Harbor Freight piece of junk notcher!!!

I was so fed up with notching in general now that I had given up on the idea of my buggy ever getting finished. Well, that was until I saw the Baileigh Industrial ad on Pirate4x4 for their new, one of a kind TN-250 tube notcher. I needed a notcher that would last a life time. A notcher that would stay true and accurate. It also must expand on other typical notchers abilities. The TN-250 met all of those requirements and then some.

The TN-250 notcher uses a 1.25” polished Thompson shaft instead of the typical and pathetic ” shaft of most inferior notchers. When my Harbor Frieght piece of crap was begging for mercy the TN-250 would beg for more! The TN-250 not only had the beef to last a life time it had the adjustability and precision like no other notcher before its time. The TN-250 produces notches that are repeatedly, perfect one after another. This amazing piece of equipment made all notchers look pathetic and also obsolete. When you see that it can be adjusted from 0-230 degrees it's dumbfounding how it only requires one allen head wrench. With the turn of tightening jack screw and a turn of the allen wrench you can produce angled notches never before seen. What truly amazed me was how easy the machine was to use. I can turn the wheel with a flick of the finger and go from a piece of 1” O.D. tube to a piece of 2 ” O.D. tube in seconds. I could adjust the degree of my notch almost as quickly. Yet most amazingly I could notch “ON a BEND” or an off set notch. The TN-250 is not just a notcher it is a master piece.

If I could afford to I would buy the Baileigh RDB-050 tube bender immediately. I desperately need to win this contest. I have outlined how pathetic my borrowed bender and previous notchers have been. I need the Baileigh Industrial equipment so that I can finish my buggy, but also for many future projects. With the proper Baileigh Industrial equipment I plan on fabricating for others in order to supplement my teacher’s salary. I have my 4 boys and my wife depending on me to make something happen to improve our financial situation.

I have already begun passing on my knowledge and skills to my children and even my students in the hopes that one day they will love fabrication and off-roading like I always have. One of my most successful methods of teaching math to my students is hooking their interest with rockcrawling. I show videos of rockcrawlers and teach my students about the math of building a vehicle such as, symmetry, calculating angles of two tubes in degrees, constructing sketches of a simple cage using a compass, protractor, and ruler. We have talked about equivalent fractions and how when you need a wrench one size bigger than a 9/16 you would need a 10/16 and simplify it to a 5/8 wrench. I brought one of my 46” tall Mickey Thompson Baja Claws to class to teach them about: radius and ground clearance, circumference.and its relation to rpm’s and speed. I keep a set of stock dana 300 gears on my desk as paper weights and teach about ratios and multiplying fractions. The school want let me bring in a welder but I would love to show them a Baileigh Industrial Bender. I could show how what they are learning about geometry and angles can be used in the real world.

Please give me the opportunity to show case your equipment to not only the Pirate4x4 community, but to my own community. Choose me to win this contest and you will gain exposure to more than just those few presently watching but to the future Baileigh Industrial customers from Georgia and the entire south east. I will spread the word through out the land. “If I build it, they will come,” to Baileigh Industrial!


Bobby Cox

Your next Baileigh Industrial Idol!
My video 1 for contest!
Attached Images




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Place saver.
I do math and stuff, on a professional level.
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This spot for rent.:d
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I'll save a spot too... It's unpossible that this would collect more laundry than my bowflex does..

a true fabricator who will show off this equipment right when they get it and not let it sit and collect dust
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just saving a place
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I like spots.
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don't know nothin'
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Place holder
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Thank you for a really cool give away, but i will stand aside for someone who can really use it....

Awesome giveaway for Pirate stars... BAILEIGH INC.
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Spotted. Tent set up for contest opening


,.|.. ..|.,
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I had originally planned on doing a video using the grandson but I have decided to go another route with my post.
I raced in the 4x4 class of EC4WDA events in the past and had to give it up becasue of needing knee replacment surgery. I started building a Score Class 10 type buggy using what tools I have in the shop. I had earlier had to sell my converted GreenLee hydraulic/remote bender a few years ago when I sold the truck.

My build was going smooth untill it came time to start bending tube, I had been relying on Vendors here to bend tube and ship it. My build has come to a halt becasue of my health and trying to get the buggy to someone to bend something every time it's needed.

I am on full disability and it's hard to convince the wife the need for this equipment. I have been a welder for over 30 years, enjoy spending time in the shop and would love to have this addition to my tool list. Why do I need one? Completing my Buggy would not be the end of it's use, me being on a limited income it would help me make some extra cash doing work for other racers and making pre-fabbed parts for these buggies like tree/sliders, front and rear bumpers, extra door opening bars, etc.

We pretty much all use the same chassis so I could pre make most of the parts.
I would not be in competition with anyone on the board becasue it is a different customer base. I see a real need for these parts becasue everything you see online are lightweight and not much good in a racing situation. Most are done with 3/4 tubing for the rails and some of the other parts.All my work would be done in 1 5/8" tube.

If I had these two pieces I could get out to the garage as my health allows and finally get my project done as well as help other people wanting to convert their buggy to a competition level vehicle or even make ready to mount replacement parts.
This would sort of be one of my bucket list things to get done before possibly ending up in a wheelchair. Here is a pic of the buggy as it sits now, I still have about 50 or so feet of tubing to bend and fit then just a few saftey items and it's ready to go.
At some point I'd also like to make a custom chassis for this use with all body mounting tabs installed.

Thanks for the chance,
Papee and Grandson(Nathan)
I made it through the password change of 6/16

95 YJ 4.0 HO
Mildly modded
Yes I still wheel

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the things i could do...
finish my buggy
build my pig a pen
finish the kids charger role bars so he'll be safe...
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Now if only I could think of something to say
To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.
- Comey on Clinton 2016
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Hello Baileigh Industrial!
My names Ben, I'm from Innisfail Alberta Canada.
Here is My Video. Enjoy.
I will say, give a young guy whos just starting out a huge boost. I am just itching to bend some tube, there are so many ideas bouncing around my head that I'm losing sleep With the money I save on not buying a bender I can save that up for Hydraulic assist or my Lockers and 4.88s! If thats not enough insentive......I WILL TATTOO BAILEIGHS LOGO ON THE BACK OF MY NECK, BIG ONE TOO. If I have to I'll even sign a contract stating I have to get the tattoo in order to receive the bender and notcher!

Video won't imbed
Making sparks and breaking parts.

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spots fa me in the future...
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Saving me a spot to!
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Cause using any other brand of bender or notcher will make building everything a million times harder than it really needs to be!

To answer what I would build, the answer is: what would I not build?

If everyone had a Baileigh notcher or bender, there would be no "ghetto fab thread"

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Got my spot thanks!
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I'm definitely in. Spot saved!
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been waitin for a rematch for a really long time! youll be hearing from me again.

second place at ur last giveaway

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Got me a spot saved! Need this bad so now gotta get the creative juices flowin!!

Thanks for the opportuinity Baileigh!!

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Bad to the bone bender

In on the first page

(Room for the edit)
Its not that I don't like you I'm just anti-social

My build
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