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reverse rotation transfer case

been thinking about making another sterling steering axle, and I wanted to flip it for ground clearance. I know it would run wrong unless the engine was in the rear or I was thinking I could get a 2 gear t-case.
There has to be something out there or a mod to make the front driveshaft spin the other way.

Did a search and came up empty, so I was wondering if anyone else out there had come across anything like this?
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Ive always wanted to do this with a reverse rotation boat motor. but i think you would have to run a manual transmision with straight cut gears.
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The old GM 2.5 ton military trucks from the 40s & 50s had a t-case that the front shaft spun backward.
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Rare and hard to find, as well as 60-70 years old.
I think you'd be better off with a different setup though. my $.02
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Don't some portal boxes reverse the rotation as well? Throwing that idea out there.

This is a kind of off-the wall sort of thinking, but what if you took an open diff carrier and used it as a driveshaft pillow block/bearing. You would need a way to put driveshaft yokes on the spider gears but it would reverse the rotation for you... for how long I do not know Not sure how much stress the spider gears or cross pin would be able to take when loaded like that.
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ineresting idea on the open carrier.
Maybe I can just make a gear box with 2 gears in it. Simple and effective, but will probably just be time consuming. Not sure what gears I could use, but they would have to be straight cut.
Fixed yoke on either side.... Wonder how hot it would get.....

anyway, I'll see if I can't make some cad drawings and come up with something. I just thought it would be cool if something out there allready exsisted. The idea of using 60 yr old parts dosen't sit too well with me. I would imagine the machining processes of today are far superior and the parts would be stronger.
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you can get cases that reverse rotation, buy you'd have t oreverse the rear aswell, look here,
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My next rig will have flipped diffs and a front engine, so I was in the same thought process of you to get everything to spin properly. Obviously, I have not done it yet, but the solution I came up with is to use gearsets from a quick change rearend. They obviously are made to run at high speeds, and already have splined centers in them. I was going to run a divorced case, so I am going to find a way to build and mount a case to house the quick change gears off the back of my transmission. For the input, I will get the transmissions output shaft resplined, and for the output, I would have to get a custom shaft made. Another bonus to a setup like I am proposing is that I can change my drive ratios with different sets of gears- Check out e-bay or automotive swap meets in areas that have racing that allow these types of rear ends. Theres a swap meet twice a year at a racetrack a few hours drive from me, and these gearsets are all over that swap meet and dirt cheap- thats where I got the idea. Most expensive part would be the custom machine work, but I think it would be worth it.
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Look no further

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