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View Poll Results: Is kissing with your eyes open weird?
Fawk yeah! 12 25.53%
Fawk no! 3 6.38%
Either way is cool 20 42.55%
Women are dumb 12 25.53%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by mr_wallace:14417547
Whatever the paid date allows, but my choice is to look at them as if I just did some "bath salts."
Nothing says sexy like "imma eat yo face!"
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Originally Posted by Whitetrash303 View Post
That might just be the gheyest thing I've ever read on Pirate.
look who posted it, are you surprised?
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If she thinks that's weird, next time keep them open... but roll them back so she can only see the white part.

How does she know that yours were open if hers were supposed to be closed? Or is it only weird if you do it?
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Originally Posted by Azzy2000 View Post
I've just been called weird for kissing with my eyes open.. What the concensus on this? Weird or not?

How would the other party know if their eyes where not open
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fuck. i read the question wrong
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