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Along the Ho Chi Minh Trails today

Lot of cool pictures you guys might enjoy.

Legend of the, Ho Chi Minh trail | Laos GPS Map

Ho Chi Minh trail shot down plane | Laos GPS Map
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thats pretty cool
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very freaking cool trip.
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That would be a cool place to visit. Years ago, the GF took a trip to Vietnam and found a warehouse full of leftover material from the war. Everything from uniforms to building supplies was in this warehouse. Pretty much anything that was shipped over to Vietnam that wasn't brought back wound up in this place after the war. She found a box of US soldier dog tags and brought several of them home. Eventually was able to track down the families of those soldiers, and mailed the tags back to them. She said there's a shit ton more out there, as she was only able to grab a handful...
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I wonder which parts of the country that was in.

We turned a large portion of that trail into a road during the war. Much of it has been paved since.
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Wow, thanks for sharing. I have to wonder how many people get killed looking for scrap to sell. Some of that stuff must still be active.
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Cool...but I would be one scared little bitch around all that unexploded, old, and questinable ordinance.
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wow, that is some crazy stuff to see left on the side of the road still today.
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I hear Ho Ch Minh was a sonofabitch.
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