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IH Parts America Inc
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A couple new products from IHO North

IH Only North has added several new parts under our CPT name. We now sell 5" Scout II front shackle sets w/ swaybar mounting, several different rollbar mounting feet, and 5" dogleg shackles.

These rollbar feet for the 'B' hoop fit the angled floor of the Scout II and include a bottom plate for the most secure way of attaching your bar to the floor next to mounting it to the frame.

Curved mounting foot fits the contour of the wheel well and the basic 4"x4" plate is for those tighter corners.

3/8" thick one piece inside shackle plates are made to retain the factory Scout II swaybar.

These offset dogleg shackles are great for getting around any obstacles that may stand in the path of normal shackle movement and are also 3/8" thick.

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Jeff, looks like you've got an overpopulation of spring plates. I can dispose of 4 for you, as I am a certified pest exterminator, but it'll cost you the shipping

stuff looks good, I may have to order up a set of shackles when I get the free cash
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Make some 10" front shackles so my new tires clear. Add some caster shims and I'll be set
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Sure you come out with some cool stuff after I hand fab/cobble my junk together.

Glad to see some nice Scout stuff being offered.
Originally Posted by ihojeff View Post
73 IH Scout
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