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Sweet score!!!!!

Ok, so the other day a buddy of mine said he came across this Isuzu trooper and wanted to know if I was interested? I say what the hell and go look at it. I'm thinking cheap beater field rig. So I get there and it's a 86 trooper with only 69k original miles! How much I ask? 300 fawkin bones.... needless to say I bought it on the spot. It runs like a top everything works and it's just been tuned up by a garage with a new carb and the like. Only down fall is most of the windows are busted out thanks to some punks, but who cares cause the top is coming off anyways. I would like some background on these things like what kind of axels they have, strengths ,weakneses and things to look out for... Thanks.
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Old 10-04-2003, 06:07 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Damn. I got ripped off!!! I paid $700 for mine in great running condition with glass!!!

Nice score dude. Good all around trucks. Not too small, not too big, plain and simple design with no fancy-schmancy BS frills to worry about.

IFS kinda sucks...Troopers don't really like catching big air, and those front shafts are pretty much a bitch to change out when they break. But for a 'cheap beater field rig' you couldn't get much better.

If it's got the auto hubs, might wanna think about dumping them for manuals. The auto hubs suck arse. There's a whimpy little c-clip that tends to pop off, which can lead to no, zero, nada splines at the hub...not a good thing.

Just chop the top and proceed to beat the shit out of it.
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I have an 86 2 door and it is now topless. I have replaced both front and rear diffs/axles.

that is the week point. 10 bolt rear and 8 bolt front. Almost no aftermarket support for these.

Now I have a 12 bolt rear and a D44 front.

www.rosetech.net/photos/trooper if you want to see pictures of my chopped top since you mentioned you are doing the same. Best Mod I've done.

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sweet find...
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