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1996 aw4 check ball location??

The valve body I am working on has 9 checkballs. The manual says for that year it uses 8. All the check balls are viton rubber balls, 1 being .250 the other 8 .218. The gasket was stuck and when it popped the balls rolled on to the bench . Any good tech info would be awesome and very appreciated, as this trans sits idle and the customer not happy. Bill vista's PDF file is gone.

here is some more info.
I have a valve body for an AW4 that has 9 check balls in it. The problem is all my manuals (All Data and ATSG) say this year should have only 8. The valve body that does hold 9 is a late 80 valve body and the plates don't match. The old gaskets are for a 97 an newer valve body that were in originally. I have checked the supra sites and the have 9 as well but are in locations that don't have holes in my separator plate So if any of you chrysler guru's have specific hi security clearance to this unknown knowledge. I will be greatly thankful for I am SOL at this point.
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The ATSG manual I have (Jeep AW-4 TechTran Manual 1999 printing) says that there should be 9 - does not give any sort of year breakdown.

It says that there is:
1 rubber ball .250
7 steel balls .2189
1 steel ball .2811
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thanks for the reply... my separater plate doesn't even have the provision for the .280 steel check ball. and like mentioned mine are all viton rubber. I know someone could have changed them. I do believe someone else was in this trans or VB as it has the square plastic solenoids versus the round metal ones. I believe they started to use the plastic on the 99 and newer VB's. I thought maybe they put in a 99 and newer VB due to issues, and it calls for the same 8 CB location. I will have to get a trans tech manual and see why all the differences between the manuals.
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