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Links & coils, front or rear?

Hey everyone. I am pretty much going to disassemble my jeep and rework it. I was planning on waggy springs f/r.

I am considering going with a link set up and coils(not coil overs) on one end or the other. (probably a triangulated 4 link Maybe a 3 link if i do the front)

I have a 91 YJ with D44's 61" and 58", 36's and a 4 banger, soon to be KluneV with a d300 and ax15. I will be stepping up to 37-38's when i get alloy shafts. Its a trail only rig, little or no street time, east coast trails. SHooting for 100-102" wheelbase.

Even with an antiwrap bar i eat leaf springs. I am worried that with the extra torque multiplication of the klune, this will be even more of an issue.

If you could only coil one end of your rig, which end would it be?

I look at rigs like XJ's and they perform great with coils in the front and leaves out back. Then people on here run coils or coil overs in the rear and leafs up front, camo for example.

I know there is more room to work with in the rear.

the end i dont coil would have 7 leaf waggy packs, what would be a good coil to go with to balance the suspension front & rear. I carry a fair amount of tools/parts. No top, 2.5l moved forward 4". I was thinking stock front TJ coils.

Thanks for any advice.

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I was having a lot of problems wrapping springs with my 4.7L stoker, to the point of snapping a pinion yoke I haven't have time to build a torque bar yet but I got a set of BigOffroad's leafs with the military wrap. Since then, no problems. I've been told that these springs are Alcan's built to a slightly different spec. They aren't real cheap but I really like them.
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I would do coils front and rear, you also may want to look into air shocks.

I also wouldn't use tj front coils in the rear, or rear coils in the front etc. etc.

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if I were to do coils at only one end I would do them in the rear. matter of fact, I already put leafs up front of my MJ, and am going to 3 link the rear soon, total opposite of factory setup.

I have a few reasons for this:

One- people pay more attention to their front tires when driving. it's much easier to line up your fronts on a good line, then have a nice flexy suspension in the rear that you can basically forget about, knowing that it will handle whatever you throw at it. most XJ flops and rolls seem to be a result of the rear end pushing the rig over, which happens because people basically just don't think about the rear tires, they just naturally assume that they will follow the front, which they don't.

Two- axle wrap. the rear usually gets far more axle wrap, so link it up and get rid of it.

Three- simplicity. it's much easier to put leaf springs up front than a 3 or 4 link with trackbar. it's way easier to put a 3or4 link in the rear than front.

Rigs with both leafs and coils usually do very well, because they have some good flex, and have the stability provided by leaves. I know many XJ guys will come in here and argue to the death that coils front/leaves rear is the best thing ever, but look around, there are literally dozens of buggys running leafs front and coils rear, and there's a reason. Camo for instance, he spent what, $15,000 on his axles? He also spent a lot of time putting them together. clearly money and time were not a huge issue for him. And how did he attach them to his buggy? leaves front, coils rear.

I think I'm going to like this debate
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i would do both, but i want to limit cost at this point. The klune's cost will kill me. I would just do a 4:1 in the 300 and spend the saved cash on coils f/r, but that makes my heep one dimensional. With the varied weather and terrain of the east i really need gearing options.

I thought about the Fox's Air shock in the rear, but i am hesitant since they havent been out very long. If i had the money I would coilover f/r, but i cant budget that at this time. Also its not a comp rig and I am a firm believer in simplicity. Howver the engineer in me wants better performance out of my suspension. Im not looking for a flex monster or anything. Just a well balanced suspension that will perform well on east coast terrain.

I just want some advice from people that run coils on one end and leaves on the other. What they would do differently, stability, performance overall, etc...

I was also thinking about airbags instead of coils.

Krawler (Don) on the yota forum runs bags in front(radius arm panhard) and coils(4 link triangulated) in the rear. Seams to be a very effective setup. I have OBA so bags may be an option.
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I'm in the middle of 4 linking the rear of my YJ, and plan on keeping the front on leafs at least for now.

I was pretty happy witht he flex my YJ has, but like you, I've been wrapping leafs ever since doing it. I could have built an anti-wrap bar, but I'm not convinced that you can control spring wrap without hurting flex. Besides the 4-link is only slightly harder to build than a anti-wrap bar.

Additionally, for flex, I don't think you beat leaf springs in the front, unless you have the ability to triangulate the front, which I don't Without triangulation your going to have to run a panhard bar, and by the time your done, you won't have as much flex as the springs so why bother. Spring wrap is not that big a deal in the front, so I'll probably keep the leafs for now.

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