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84 Dodge dana 44 front, can i make it scout width?.

Well most of you have prolly read that my scout 44 I wanted to use is bent all to hell and it worthless.
So heres another delima for you to chew on. i know a place where I can get a 84 ramcharger 44 front with flat tops for pretty reasonable.

I realize it is a bunch wider than my bent scout.
What i need to know is if it is a decent enough 44.

It does have the seperate bearing so no sealed shiat like the earlyer ones and it has locking hubs on it.

A few weeks back we swapped some wagoneer locking hubs on it in the thought of taking the axle but time ran short so we left it.

It does have the vacume disconnect axle and had auto hubs before we swapped em in the yard.

My buddy wants the flat tops for his waggy axle on a yj and i just need a axle.

Cut to the chase here..

What would it take to get this axle the same length as a waggoner or a scout? Can i just cut down one side and use a scout long inner axle shaft, or a wagoneers and just plate off the vacume crap? Is this a 30 spline axle and will my ezlocker fit it??

I already have my frame outrigged for the scout axle but I really dont want to deal with grinding off the knuckles for the caster and pumpkin for the soa again.

Did the Dodge axle have more caster than my scout? how long is the shrot side, is it the same as a wagos or a scout? If not where will the spring perch be on the diff side?

Please Please help, I really need to find a axle to replace this one and early wagoneers are just not a option with them being a rarity around here.

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everything should work just fine as far as caster and all that stuff. the problem is the vac disconnect. the axle is 2pc and has a bell in it where it meets the inner axle seal. a custom length axle will be needed anyway(shorter) but wont have the bell in it to seal everything up. the only way i can see it working is to re-tube the long side, so its scout width, and have a custom length long axle made.
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I would measure both inner axle shafts, I bet they are both longer then a scout so you could grind down the welds on the inner knuckles and pop them off cut down the tubes to work with the scout axle shafts and weld the C's back on. I would just try to see if you can run a one peice shaft in it. I would probably just try to find a different axle, I'm sure there are many in your area (you live in a bigger city then me so it can't be to tough)
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You would think that is the case but it was a shear miricale i found a bent chevy housing that had the flat tops still on it around here. No kidding anything older than early 80s is a no find.

I think i got a line on a q track wagoneer axle. I think that is almost the same width as the scout and dont they have the caster already built in?

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