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Dana 300 Additional mount

I am running a dana 300 with a th400 trans. The only monut on it is from the adaptor to the skid plate.

My twin stick are bouncing around like crazy when wheeling, not to mention the case itself.

I was wondering if anybody uses a additional mount from the dana 300 to the frame or skid etc.....

I have searched for over an hour and found nothing.

Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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look up tubehead in the vendor forum. he makes a mount hat fastens around the rear output (jb conversions) or an atlas.
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Check your motor mounts. It might be time for new ones. The problem with adding mounts to keep things from moving is that you subject the case to forces it wasn't designed for. This leads to the torque cracking the case in half and you getting pulled home after cleaning up a bunch of fluids. I run poly mounts all the way around and my case doesn't move much. I am hoping to move to solid mounting to get better clearence for some parts. Then nothing will move.
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Can you give more details on how the crossmember is mounted? Flexible connection at the adaptor or at the frame? Polyurethane or rubber? Engine mounts type and material?

If the mount at the adaptor is rubber then things will bounce alot. Even with PU if the mount is at the adaptor and not at frame, more movement happens. Also, the transfer case and engine mounts need to be "matched" as far as flexibility otherwise breakage could happen.

I have a Dana 300 with TH350 trans using a custom crossmember with a rigid mount at t-case, and flex polyurethane at framerails. Also have PU MORE engine mounts. I have little bouncing of the sticks. Pic of my crossmember and engine mount setup attached.

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I had a similar problem with my 76 CJ5 that had an AMC 360 in it. The motor mounts would break all the time and then the shifters would flop all over the place. One time on Fordyce, the drivetrain moved so much that the clutch linkage bound up and then sheared off when I stepped on the pedal. I had to drive through Fordyce and home with no clutch pedal. Anyway, I bought the MORE "bombproof" mounts and never had an issue again. They are a bit pricey, but worth every cent.
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Thanks for the info guys.

The pics are great.

I am running a pu mount to my skidplate only. I think it's time to change that.

Also time to move up to the more motor mounts, as i am using stock motor mounts.

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