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AFI - Affordable Fuel Injection 351w

So i will be starting my engine swap here in the next month or so as im almost done gathering parts - the engine is a rebuilt 351w (74 block with a 4bbl carb, C6 np205) I was almost certain i was going dual fuel or straight pane, but while doing some research at the office today i stumbled across a company called Affordable Fuel Injection. Spoke with Kenny, seems like a nice guy. I told him i was swapping my 2.5 for a 351w and if they could do anything regarding a TBI swap. After a long convo, he can make a custom harness and distributor for my application that is included in a kit to convert from 4bbl carb to TBI. For about 1k, i would have everything i would need to convert the 351W over to TBI - The unit is stand alone and uses new parts - i can use my current in tank YJ pump so no crappy inline pump ill just need a fuel cell.

I know i can piece one together through JY parts, but this comes with EVERYTHING i would need to convert over, and is mostly plug and play. Fuel lines are already there (YJ is a 95) so it seems like it might be the best route to go to give me FI. Hoping this will give me the offroad performance i have now, just with more power What are yalls thoughts on A: TBI, and B: think this is a good idea and will be worth it in the end?

Looking forward to the Pirate yay or Nay
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You'll love not stalling out on long uphill climbs, The extra economy, the added torque, etc... $1K doesnt seem to bad either since it sounds pretty complete. What kind of tuning software do they use? I assume you can use your laptop to adjust it yourself. One thing to think about though, Tuning it can be a long, slow process/learning curve if you have never done it. But it can be done with patience.

Does the kit come with a preprogrammed ECM? if so, that will save alot of time, cause hopefully it will just fire up after installed, then tuning it a little at a time to get it perfect. Dont forget a Wideband Air/Fuel meter.

I am no expert, just done some research for my 5.0L Mustang.
03Rubi TJ.4" RE LA lift,35's,work in progress.also wifes DD..
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yes, its a complete stand alone kit, and includes the ECM. I believe they burn a chip to my specs. I just trying to figure out how im going to get my factory YJ gauges to work with this as well?
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YJ gauges still use their own senders. Use the oil pressure and temp sensor from the 2.5, they should be easy to find a home on the 351. Speedo should be mechanical. Fuel level has its own sensor.

The only issue is going to be the tach, but there are lots of options out there. I am sure Dakota Digital can hook you up with something if all else fails.
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" I just trying to figure out how im going to get my factory YJ gauges to work with this as well? "

The '95 YJ speedometer is electronic, if the stock YJ speed sensor does not fit into the NP205 speedo drive opening, you can adapt the '92-'93 speed sensor, the type that scews on to the speedo drive where a cable would normally go. It has two wires as opposed to three, just don't use the 5 volt supply wire that is present on the '95 YJ harness. The signal wire from the sensor has a splice, one to the original PCM, the other to the electronic Speedometer.

The '95 YJ tach needs a 4 cylinder tach signal pulse. Not sure if the ECU from the injection kit will provide that or not. Check with the kit manufacturer.

The '95 YJ has a cluster that houses the tach and speedometer together. Earlier YJ's have separate guages. Not sure if they could be adapted in place of the later cluster assembly. If so, you could find a '87-'91 YJ mechanical speedometer and fit an aftermarket tach in the original hole.

As gaven said, simply use the stock YJ oil and temp sensors for the swapped in motor, then the stock gauges will be happy. Both stock sensors have 1/8" male pipe threads.

Hope this helps!

P.S. Stock OBD-1 5.8l Ford truck multipoint EFI systems are available, very similar setups to the Mustang 5.0l EFI. Might make for a better junkyard swap than a throttle body system, as far as power goes.
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I did a stand alone mustang A9L processor with the correct year harness is was as easy as hooking up a constant power wire, switched ignition power wire, and running a wire from the TFI distributor module to the starter solenoid. The ford truck stuff could be done cheaper but would not be SEFI.
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Well...i ordered it today. We will see how it turns out. Biggest thing i have to worry about is getting the stock 2.5 sending units to mount in the 351 engine. Hoping i dont have to bush down or tap up
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