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Rocky Road SOA

If this has been asked before I give you complete perimission to gouge out my eyes and feed my toes to the rats!

Has anyone here installed this brand on either a CJ or YJ? Any comments, suggestions, concerns or flames would be greatly appreciated.

I was considering using their complete kit with YJ springs along with their steering kit on my 85 CJ7 using waggy rears and outboarding the springs perches. The kit raises the vehicle 7 1/2" or so from what is noted in their pump.

The website leads you to believe their product is the greatest thing since sliced bread but I have found literally nothing about them on the web or on other boards. Before I go spending 1800$ I thought I would put a post on the absolute best 4x4 board on the web! YEAH!

peace & chicken grease!
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I have talked to guys who have used their stuff on Sami's. They seemed to like it. Others seems to think that the ubolts will come loose and cause problems.
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so is this a BOLT on SOA???

Why not just weld that top perch on and use a normal u-bolt around the axle tubes bolted to that upper spring plate
It would get rid of that rock grabbing "skid plate" on the bottom of the axle there.

edit: and throw away the "Z-link" and run true high-steer
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I have their over the top steering kit on a YJ and that thing sucks. the tie rod was too long and all of the tubing ends where not taped deep enough. When I called them they said thats to bad, we will make a note of that. I would just go to MORE and not worry about it.
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Ok the last thing I want is bad quality and poor customer service. I will look elsewhere! Thanks guys!
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Lotta money for over designed and under-thought crap, IMO. I have yet to see a bolt on SOA that will hold together in the long run.

Search the web and learn all you can, then order parts from MORE or RE or whomever and build (fab and weld) your own. If you aren't comfortable with that, find someone who has done a bunch of them and will help or pay someone to do it for you.

Search SOA, spring over, and high steer.

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