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Pacesetter exhaust leak at the gasket

I have a 95 yj that came with a rusty set of pacesetter headers when I bought it. Long story short: being cheap I thought I could take them off, sand them and paint them because they were not rusted through. When I put them back on, I used a new felpro gasket and now they leak. I increased the torque on the bolts by 5ft/lbs over stock but still no luck. I then discovered that those headers come with a pacesetter gasket ($25 to my door). They were a pain to take off and put on so I am thinking to just get a used OE manifold and put it on or get better, less rusty headers. Any thoughts? - especially those with gibson/borla/banks headers - are their bolts a bitch to get at? And anyone with the pacesetters - what torque did you use? thanks
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I don't know about your headers, but typically tightening them more makes them leak worse. With the header off (too late) you should always check the flange for flatness. If it didn't leak before, and it does now, you did something different or wrong. Was the gasket you took off different than the one you put on?
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Thanks for the reply - It definitely leaked before, just less than now. The gaskets looked the exact same but the problem is the flange is not flat. I thought the gasket could make up for it but I might try your suggestion from a few months ago to use copper gasket maker (my buddy with a sbc suggested it too). I am just debating how long these headers will last because they were not in great shape when I got them and i have not heard anything good about the brand. I may deal with the leak till october then buy some better ones.
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You might try Remflex gaskets.. 100% graphite. Buddy used a set on his 360 that had C.A. Headers (cheap ass). Flanges were warped, tried felpro, copper, even doubled gaskets and nothing worked. Tried Remflex, they are now sealed and running great.

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