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Dana 44 Carrier removal

I am trying to remove a carrier from a Dana 44. I have not done this in many years nor have I ever used a case spreader before now. 1st ? is how hard can I crank down on the case spreader? is there a possibility of damaging, or distorting the case? 2nd without the case spreader the carrier is tight inside, When I tighten the spreader I can get some play but the carrier just does not want to come out, (unlike the front 44 where it fell out on its own). Any suggestions would be great.
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My solution is to use a slide hammer and a 2 jaw puller, if it's a stock open/LS carrier, works wonders. If you can get it out that way, you can get it back in. A 60 I did like this was very stubborn to get out, but still went back in without the spreader.
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A case spreader, although indespensible on some housings, is one of the most potentially damaging tools you can put on a housing.

The shop manual actually instructs you to set up a dial indicator to insure that you only open the housing up a couple of thou!

And you do realize the "tightness" of the case is what gives the carrier bearings their preload?

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they way i got my 60 case out (it was open) was two cheater bars wedged in the housing catching the opening of the carrier and i pried down on both at the same time and it popped right out. simple and quick i dont know if it will go back in though... havent gotten that far
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I use a pry bar in behind the carrier, and tap on it with a sledge. Every axle I've done comes out after a few tappy-taps.
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ball up a rag and stuff it inbetween the ring gear and pinion. then put a bar through the yoke and give it a spin. the rag will force the carrier out.

i was hesitant about this actually working the first time i tried, but used it on all kinds of really stuck diffs before and its always worked like a champ
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if the axle is still installed then you could put a small cargo strap around the carrier and then loop it around the rear bumper. As you tighten the come along it will slide out without much trouble. Just make sure you have a blanket or towel laid down to catch it when it falls.
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I just put a box end wrench on one of the ring gear bolts and turn the yoke, levers it out nice and easy without hammering or cocking it.
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