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Inherited '51 CJ3A in pieces (Utah)

I inherited a '51 CJ3A that my Dad was going to put back together but passed this last March. He rebuilt the engine (Flat Head 4cyl) and its on an engine stand. The front fenders and grill, and all other front clip items are in the back seat.
I grew up driving a 2A but never really understood their value nor do I now for this project vehicle.
I'm looking for some advice on value so I can sell it.
He also has a M38A1 he was working on that still runs and moves.
I never thought I'd pass up project vehicles like these but I don't have the room or $'s to work on them...

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Sorry to hear about your loss. Pictures would help, but reality is that it being in pieces makes it worth alot less. IMHO, $2000, because the motors rebuilt would be a good start.
What do you other guys think here?
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To me alot depends on the condition of the tub. Also things like missing seats add up in a hurry
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I'd say it's under 1k.
I'd sell it with out the motor and try and sell that seprate.
Most people buying a Jeep that's taken apart will want to put in a different motor.
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I'm going to agree with welndmn.
I wouldn't have bought my 3A if it still had the 134 in it. Part it out, or sell it as-is in a whole.
Sell the engine/trans to a restoration company, or if you can find an army surplus store that deals in jeeps, ask the owner if he'd be interested.
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box it up and store it away, should be worth a pretty penny in 20 years, use the money to send your kid to collage or ?, you may regret selling so soon

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keep it! take it out and play with it when you want to spend time with your father. just .02 from and ol fat guy
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If it has a title that helps out value quiet a bit.
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