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First Project - 1950 Willys Pickup

Hey everyone, i've just purchased a 1950 willys pickup, and was given a set of dana 44 wagoneer axles. I believe they are flat tops out of a 77. I am completly new to all of this. The truck has a T90 and a dana 18. I want to put in a TH400 and was wondering if that would work with the dana 18 or if i should get a dana 20?? The engine that came with the truck is a 1948 Ford flathead V8. I don't want to have to deal with something carburated though, so im looking at putting in some sort of fuel injected V8. Any good sugestions on what a good drive train and engine would be?
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Send a message via Skype™ to 73FJ gotta keep the flathead....unless it's toasted. Lets see some pics.
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Pirate, please make a Willys section....... c'mon I said please. YAY!

Now with FJ 45 flavor!

Willys wagon build thread
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Haha im going to save the flathead for a m38a1 im planning on...

Heres the truck, its actually preety clean. The olny rust damage is the floor boards.

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Today i disconnected everything running into the cab and removed the body mounts. The steering column has been giving me a hard time, but I should have it out tomorrow morning. And if everything goes well I should have the cab lifted off, so I can get to work on the frame. I'll put some pics up of it tomorrow.
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That looks like a nice truck to build on....
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Sweet looking truck, I almost bought one of those to add to my car collection. But someone got it before I did, anyway welcome to the Willys department. Look forward to seeing what you do with this old girl. Definitely has a lot of potential for a great trail rig or full restoration .

Edit: As for a drive train look into something like a 90's Chevy Tahoe or 95-96 Ford bronco with the 5.0L V8 and auto trans or the manual 5 speed model(hard to find that one).
62 Willys Wagon [url][/url]

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Thanks guys, Im planning on doing a full restore on her, gonna beef her up a bit too. Its going to be a long time build though, im going into the Airforce in the fall, so im just trying to get as much done on her as i can. I just got back to working on her today, my grandpa passed away this week so i've been with the fam.

Here's what i did today

The Frame is looking great, gonna spend the day working on her tomorrow
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That's one of the nicest specimen's I've seen for an early Willys PU. Good find! It was definitely taken care of and parked inside during the wet WA winters. I'd restore it to as original as possible. Not to be negative, but don't bite off more than you can chew, especially if you are going to serve for four years, in a few months. It will be parked for at least four years. I've seen that story before. Set some realistic goals based on time and money. If you are as eager as you seem, you could get it running by fall. Then store it indoors; paint it later. You won't have time OR money after basic training.

There's nothing wrong with using a carburetor to fuel your engine, in fact there are advantages as well as disadvantages.

Those Ford 8BA engines sound cool. I had one in a '50 Jeepster. They just have a heating problem because the exhaust ports travel through the block before hitting the manifold, and they are heavier than they look. To save time, keep the Ford V-8 in the truck if it runs well, but it won't fit in an M38A-1. Keep the military F4-134, unless it's already cut up, then put in a V-6 and 4spd. (in six years.)

The Wagoneer front axle will stick way out. You should find a nice scout Dana 44 front axle, and a heavy duty '70 to '73 Jeep truck Dana 60 rear axle with 5 lug wheel pattern to match. A Ford 9" would be strong enough, too. And there's nothing wrong with a good old Willys Dana 53 rear axle from a '54 and up Willys pickup if you drive normally. If you want a truck to drive low and slow and crawl down the trail, the keep the original axles. In fact, you can always change them later. Just run the chassis as originally designed. That Timken rear axle has a 5:38 gear ratio, and increases the truck's rating to 1 Ton.

If you're going to re-power it, the easiest is to use a Chevy 350 with a Chevy 4 spd and NP 205 t-case. If you insist on an automatic, you can use your TH-400 and a Chevy t-case, or Dana 20 because it's straight through. An offset Spicer 18 will work, but not ideal with a centered rear differential. A divorce T-case might work for you. The pickup wheel base of 118" should be long enough for two drive shafts.

My personal preference would be to use a Chevy 6-250, carbureted, and a Chevy SM-420/Spicer 18/Warn OD. Chevy sixes have plenty of power and are excellent off road engines, with lots of lugging torque. But a V-8 is shorter, and you shouldn't have to cut that cherry firewall with a V-8 if you mount the radiator far to the front. You may want to find a later model grill because that '50 Willys grill has a built in shroud for the old 4 banger. Use a '55 and up grill from a Willys 6-226 PU or wagon donor. (shorter grill, so you won't have to cut it up.) Most people prefer electric fans to save space, and more air volume. I've never tried one. You'll need a larger radiator than original when re-powering with a Chevy V8.

There's a lot to love about these Willys trucks. One reason is that it only takes one woman-power to lift the cab!
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Great project, and a very clean truck to start with. This would look freaking cool:
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Any Updates?
The Beepster
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