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Range Rover classic air filter on 350?

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

I have procured a Range Rover Classic (RRC) air filter box and it will fit nicely where I need it to on the CrewCab (CC). Currently I am running the Quadrajet, which has a 3" i.d. air inlet elbow on it off of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. What I want to do is run the elbow to the RRC air filter and then to my snorkel. The snorkel has a 3" i.d., and with a slight modification so will the RRC air filter box.

Currently the RRC has as it's maximum i.d. on the trumpet end of 2.75 inches, and on the output end is the same. I've dropped it off at my sheetmetal guy to have him put 3" i.d. flanges on both ends.


1. Will the standard paper filter allow enough air flow?

2. If not, will a K&N provide enough filtration combined with my Donaldson precleaner on the snorkel?

3. Is there really THAT much difference between a 3" and a 2.75" i.d. that I should have even worried about having new flanges put on it.

4. Does it matter which way the air flow passes through the filter? In order to mount the canister so that filter changing is easy, I will need to have the air pass through the filter in the opposite direction so that the trumpet end can come off and leave me enough room to remove and replace the filter.

That's all for now.
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hmmm I don't know

I would call a filter company and ask about the filter direction.

My guess is you should be fine.
I've *heard* bad stories about the k&N and sandy/dusty conditions so I might be a bit leary about that.

Personally I would route it so the air flows through the filter the normal direction and use one of those foam prefilters when you will be in dusty conditions.(along with the donaldson)
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It's all about the CFM. More = Good, Less = Bad.

Just make sure that you're above what was stock or in there before.

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