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To whom it may concern:

While I have never been to Johnson Valley, I have been planning visiting the area soon with my family for a 7 day vacation. It would be a heartbeak to my family if Johnson Valley were to be closed to public access. Please take whatever actions are necessary to ensure Johnson Valley remains open to the puplic and the continued use of OHV vehicles in one of the few legal areas left to operate them.

I have been quite insistant on teaching my children the poper way of utilizing out outdoor recreation resources. Such as taking them to trail clean up weekends, teaching them to tread lightly, etc. However this is becoming harder and harder to perform with dwindling areas in which to teach them.

Thank You.

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As an east coaster I hate to see one of the most renowned trails to the 4x4 community get wiped off the map. My future plans include a cross-country trip with the Hammers as the ultimate destination and I have dreamed of the day I could see and wheel the Hammers in person. It takes a lot of effort and planning to haul a rig out to Johnson Valley from southern Virginia! Please don't take this opportunity and dream away from me and so many of my fellow wheelers. The amount of quality trails we have is few and far between and to lose land as sacred as what we have in Johnson Valley would be a huge blow. Please consider the value of such a place to the offroad community due to its rarity and the fact that so many of us do spend our free-time there and those of use that can't sure wish we could. Thank you.
-Ben Langford
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Post Johnson Valley

I have not ever been to Johnson Valley, and considering that I live in Louisiana, will probably not ever take the opportunity to go offroading there. However, in Louisiana we do not have any publicly available trails to ride on. We rely on proactive clubs seeking private landowners to allow us access to ride their land, and they are generally concerned about damage to the land and liability to vehicles/people. Needless to say this makes it difficult to find places to offroad that are local to me.

I can appreciate the value of having available offroad areas, and the fact that they provide recreation for many families. Contrary to popular belief, well maintained and regulated offroad park is not a blemish on the landscape nor a threat to the environment or the public. I hate to hear about parks being closed down because offroading is a very enjoyable hobby and these days a hobby that is much more difficult to pursue because of limited land opportunities. I really hope the Bureau of Land Management reconsiders the idea of offering this land to the Marines.
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To Whom It May Concern:
I was sad to hear of the military’s proposed land acquisition in Johnson Valley, CA. (the Hammers). I do not reside in the state of California but have used this area to recreate at least 2 times a year and plan on continuing to do so as long as I can.
This gives me the time to bond with my family and friends and enjoy each others company.
By removing this area I will not only have to find another area that I can recreate in but I fear that I will also loose contact with many friends as it will make it harder to find an area where we can all meet and enjoy the different opportunities that this area has to offer.

As I am one of the biggest supporters of our armed forces and feel that we should do what ever it takes to provide them the means to return home safely. I feel that we also need to be able to give them an area that they can return home to and enjoy with their family and friends to reconnect and reestablish the bonds that have been stressed during their absence as I have.

I am asking that you look at your proposed plan and see if there is another area less used by the public that may suit your needs.

Semper Fi
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I need to voice my support for keeping the Johnson Valley OHV area intact and open to the public for recreational use.

As others have voiced, I am a full supporter of our US military and thank all of our service people for what they do. As a retired firefighter, I recognize the need for continuous training and appropriate training facilities.

However, is annexing this proposed area really going to do what is needed? With reports stating the huge percentage of “unusable” land already owned by the present facility, will adding this little parcel really going to have a worthwhile effect? What criteria are there that the land currently occupied does not meet that this land will meet? If the military just needs to add some challenging 4x4 trails to their training regimen, I am certain we, the off-road enthusiast community, can happily assist…and I am not in jest by any means.

I am grateful for all the military does abroad to protect our freedoms here at home. Let us not misunderstand this point.

Unfortunately, this proposed annexation will further degrade some of those long-fought-for freedoms. There is so precious little land available for us to pursue our sport and choice of recreation. Daily, old trails are closed or threatened to be closed. Privately owned OHV parks are under attack. Summer homes are popping up along the favorite old trails we grew up on. One of my favorite trails is now a subdivision. Another is now a large vacation home estate. These lands were once public lands, sold or traded and closed to those very people who cared for the land for years.

Our choice, our FREEDOM of choice, of recreation is being eroded, degraded and is coming precariously close to being eliminated totally. If this land is truly needed, then please replace it with another parcel that we can use. We can always build new trails, as long as we have the land, and access to use, enjoy and care for that land.

Thank you,

Rob Pendle
Registered voter
Retired firefighter
Off-roader for 21 years
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I think The Hammers represents something different for a lot of people. Some people live close and consider it a local hotspot for family adventures and unwinding. Unfortunately, since I live a couple thousand miles away, it is still something that I think about with awe. It is a place I can look to that provides me with some really great memories of the experiences I had there and the people who made my time there so enjoyable.

I have only been there twice in the last few years. The first time I went, I barely knew anyone, and my friend Mark and I made up a small contingent of rigless tourists from cheeseland. The kindness of the people there, all making us feel welcome, and the way such a “hardcore” bunch of folks just relaxed in such a relatively hostile environment (hot/windy/sand in places you didn’t know you had) made a big impression on me. What was particularly interesting to me – was the number of families there. These were folks who packed up the kids, the dogs, and their grandfathers… slapped them all in protective body armor and took them places most people will never see.

I’ve rocked along trails at the Hammers bouncing over dunes while my kidneys begged for mercy and I laughed like a lunatic. I’ve flopped sideways in a competition buggy and felt stomach churning inertia as we drove out of it and the rocks surrounding us seemed to right themselves. I saw kids blasting around, having the time of their life, on quads and mini-bikes (appropriately adorned with what looked like military quality body armor and helmets). I also saw a few of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. The Hammers, in that way, is like a theme park for people that are bored with rollercoasters and like a little more nature in their activities.

While I wouldn’t begrudge the military their expansion, if that was the only way to go. I would hate to see a place like that be threatened if there were other options. I’d like to see Johnson Valley remain open, as it is today, and available to people who enjoy the scenery, experiences, camaraderie, and just getting away from civilization for a while. It would be a great loss to the wheeling community and many other outdoor recreation communities if we were to lose such a diverse backdrop and landscape.

The following are just a few pictures that only scratch the surface of the experiences I’ve had there…
Attached Images
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The Hammers is the top of my "Must Visit" list. Please lets keep our rec land available for all of us to use.
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Zeus of the Sluice
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Though I only make the journey once a year to the "Hammer Trails" in the Johnson Valley. It has quickly become one of my favorite trips of the year. The view from the tops of the peeks are nothing short of spectacular. Not to mention the trail's that are almost legendary. This place has made some of my fondest memories, and made me new friends along the way. The Hammers are a place I hope to be able to journey to every year. And some day be able to take my children, so they too can share the great times, friendships, and wheelin' like I have. Please don't take this away from us.

Mr. B Wheeler

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I have yet to wheel the hammers, but i would like to in the future. We need to keep the public lands open to the public.
Drew Reynolds
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I have never been to Johnson Valley, but from the stories I have heard this is a great assett to the Off-Roading community, and would be a heart felt loss. This is some of the best wheeling and camping available to the residents of Southern California and across the west coast. Please help to keep these trails open for us to enjoy and for our families to enjoy for generations to come.

-Mike Aiello
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Zeus of the Sluice
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To who it may concern,

Please don’t close the area in the Johnson Valley OHV area known as the “Hammers” to recreational use.

It is the only place on earth like it and is famous for it’s off road and recreational use.
Thousands of bikers, hikers, motorcyclist, jeepers and every form of ATV users flock to this off road Mecca each year to enjoy one of the few remaining places still open to off road use.

I’ve been traveling to the “Hammers” for almost 20 years now and each time I go there, I stop in either Yucca Valley, Lucerne Valley or Apply Valley to gas up and get general supplies. Often, I like to stay at the Yucca Inn.

My last two vehicles were specifically made for the “hammer” trail system as I’m know a lot of other peoples’ were too.

Many fabrication shops, parts venders and even media rely on their customers who frequent this area.

The Johnson Valley OHV area know as the “Hammers” means everything to me as I’m sure it does to thousands of others.
Please don’t close it down!

John Reynolds
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To all involved

I was recently made aware of a proposed expansion of the Marines 29 Palms facility, this proposed expansion includes much of the popular Johnson Valley OHV recreational area. This expansion would close most of the existing trail systems which are unique to this area. This means a great deal to me because I am active in the four wheel drive community and had hope to use this recreation site in the future. Not only would this affect four wheel drive owners but also people who use the area for quads and dirt biking.
One club I am active in, Arizona Rock Crawlers, have been involved in numerous cleanups and helped other clubs with activities. Several vehicles are planning on attending the Tin Benders Johnson Valley Cleanup in April and plan on removing as much trash possible.
Thousands of people use this area each year and restricting its access would definitely result in a loss of revenue to the surrounding areas.
I deeply hope that this expansion will be reconsidered and Johnson Valley will remain the four wheeling ‘mecca’ it is.

Mike West
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Dear Sirs.

Let me begin by saying that as a Desert Storm Vet. I am in full support of the Military Effort no matter the Branch.

I have frequented the Hammers area for 10 Years. It is a Pristine area that truly has been an enjoyment for my family and friends for years

Please consider obtaining other areas for additional training sites. As it stands many OHV areas are being closed as is.

The OHV communitee enjoys the harsh desert to have fun with family and friends. Let us preserve one of the best areas to enjoy. I have many local friends that operate business's related to the Hammer OHV area and have moved there live a dream of sorts........Our recreation dollars strongly support the local communities.

Hers a picture from a few years ago.....proudly denting my 4Runner for fun!


Kevin Carey
Pirates of the Rubicon
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Special Thanks to YUKON, BAJA DESIGNS.
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To reitterate what many have already said; I support the military, but it would be a very sad day to lose access to the Hammers.
#14- KOH RC
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The Johnson Valley OHV area has been a major influence and part of not only the people that use the land, but the entire off road industry. It has become the earmark in the industry, to be able to produce vehicles and parts that cannot just withstand the abuse and conditions that the off road environment can throw at you, but what Johnson Valley can throw at you. From motorcycles to desert trucks to rock crawlers, Johnson Valley just might be more influential to all aspects of offloading than any other land area in the world. To take it away and use if for a training area would be a travesty. There are millions of acres the military could use for desert training, but only one Johnson Valley OHV area for the civilian population to use for recreating. Taking away Johnson Valley OHV from the civilian population would have a major impact on the influence of the off road market. Also by taking away such a large area from the civilian population, the government might be encouraging the younger, less responsible crowd to seek other areas to recreate, which might not be of the best sound mind. The government will also have the concern of the civilian population that is used to that land area being open and venturing out onto a training ground that maybe totally unsafe and could cause serious harm to civilians. The government could consider fencing the area, but the cost of such a large-scale project would offset the advantages of obtaining the land. There are many other land possibilities around the 29 Palms facility that could be used for training without taking away such a powerful, influential land area that has changed the face of offroading over the past 10 to 15 years.
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As an Off Road Event Promoter, I believe it is extremely important for areas like the Hammers to stay open, wheelers, families and promoters all need areas to recreate, play and work. Name another place in America that has the use diversity that Johnson Valley and the Hammers offer.

Rich Klein, voting American Citizen
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I have never been to the Hammers but I hope to go one day. I am interested in this because of the threats that all of our public lands are facing across the country. It hits close to home because of the battle that the Tellico OHV area is going thru right now. I don’t want to see any of our public lands lost for any reason.

Please keep Johnson Valley open.

Philip Newton
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Save the Hammers

Please do not take away any more of our places to 4 wheel.As a long time so cal resident. The Hammers is the last of the hard core wheeling spots left that anyone can go to to have a good time.No matter if you have a crawler,atv, motorcycle all can go and enjoy.

We have had to much fun to close it down.
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To whom it may concern.

I am truly very disappointed in all of the trails that are being shut down and looked at thru a microscope. These trails and area's have been wheeled on for ages. Shutting these trails down on the hammers is a bad idea. The hammers gives a place for people to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life and the big city. This is a great sport that I and my fellow wheelers are into. The wheeling industry spends a ton of money on gas and dmv fees and takes pride and keeping up their areas they wheel in and also other spots that need help that we do not wheel on. Please reconsider taking the public land that we work so hard to keep open and please try to think of a different way of taking care of your needs. As an example, there are alot of air bases and other military bases that have been shut down why not open some of those back up and get them running.

Thank you in advance for listening

Matt Harris
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Zeus of the Sluice
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Ive never been there but it is on the list once i get a trail ready rig! Id hate to see a place so big in the 4x4 world disapeare like this! SAVE THE HAMMERS YA'LL!!!!
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Being the father of two young boys, my wife and i spend a great deal of time and $$ on outdoor recreation, more specifically, four wheeling and camping.

Johnson Valley OHV area has long been on our list of places to take our family one of these years. Unfortunately, so far, it has just been out of our reach to be able to make it there.

why is it that our public lands are being eyeballed instead of the many hundreds of thousands of acres of government owned property?

Please dont take our public lands away. My two boys have way to much to see still.

Originally Posted by USDA forest service website
It is every American's birthright to use the national forests and grasslands in multiple ways, including outdoor recreation in all its forms.

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First, I would like to say, that I support all of our military!

Johnson Valley (The Hammers) has some of the greatest scenery and off roading available in our Country. This potential expansion needs to be reconsidered.
Anti access groups and environmental issues are slowly closing public land.
This practice needs to stop.
Every place the I recreate at has been downsized, or closed completely.
I live to play in the outdoors, have spent a lot of money (to me anyway) on all my toys.
I call these vehicles "toys", because that is the public view. To me they are a way of life.
Most people go to a family members house for holidays, I go the desert with my family and friends.
Public land needs to remain open to the public to motorized recreation. The OHV users believe in the Blue Ribbon Coalition motto, which says “Preserving our natural resources FOR the public, not FROM the public”.
My stepfather is handicapped, can't walk to far or climb on a horse.
He owns a jeep to see the great outdoors. Please don't deny him this basic right.
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Never have been to Johnson Valley, but I hope it stays open for when I will be able to visit.

On top of that, Johnson Valley is one of those areas that has a ton of folks who really care about the area in more ways than one. Not only do they recreate there, they also assist in keeping the land the way it should be.

Johnson Valley is a glaring example of what responsible four wheeling is all about and closing it off will be a great injustice.
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save the hammers!!!!!!

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Please don’t close the Johnson Valley OHV area!
I have never been, but I would love the chance to go there explore!

Andrew Ferguson – Vancouver. BC, Canada
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