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Old 03-12-2008, 05:34 PM   #1301 (permalink)
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One of my aspirations is to run the Hammers. It's been talked about many times, just haven't made it out there yet. It would be a shame to close such a great area that all enjoy. It provides a unique experience for many motor sport folks. It's getting harder and harder to find suitable areas for OHV recreation, please keep this area open for everyone's use.

Fred Pierce
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Another consideration is the impact on industries not normally considered "off road" industries.

Take a look at the motorhomes and "coaches" of Fleetwood, Monaco, Renegade, Marathon and consider that there is an average in the hundreds of expensive RV's used daily in Johnson Valley as recreationalists viit the OHV area. That represents millions of dollars per year.

Fuel? Well, we know how fuel prices are lately, yet that has not slowed the off roaders from enjoying their sport. They find the expense that fills the coffers of yet another industry (gas companies) worthwhile as off road recreation means that much to them.

Insurance? Yep, you need insurance on your tow vehicles and motorhomes and yet again, there's an industry gaining from such a largely used off road area.

Automakers? I'm talking the light truck makers like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota...I don't know a single off roader that does not own a pickup as a second vehicle that doesn't get used very often. Yet another expense that goes outside of the off road industry.

There is definitly more...tire companies, electronics companies, travel companies, and the list goes on. This area really is that popular, that a closure here will be noticed in more ways than you would expect. Johnon Valley and the Hammer Trails are important to more than just a passionate few...keep the land open to off road recreation.
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Coming from rhode island where there are no ohv parks and i can only dream of making a trip to hammers, please dont close down one of the few legal places for offroad enthusiasts to use their vehicles, i know here in rhode island we have been working to get a legal ohv park for years and if we ever succede i know i wouldnt want my favorite place closed i hope this is helpful good luck
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I am one of the spoiled ones that have the Hammers pretty much in my back yard.

We live in Barstow, just 45 minutes gets us to the area in Johnson Valley, where the ultimate or Holy Grail of trails known as the ďHammersĒ are located. To many itís the ultimate challenge for your rig and your skills. A place that drivers with novice skills and lesser vehicles look forward to conquering some day. Not only is it a challenge but an outing that can be shared with friends and family.

Its a place thatís local enough where we as a club can come and have a fun family weekend outing yet large enough to accommodate the huge number of people that are drawn to it for events and races.

I am a member of the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers. The club has spent countless hours cleaning the area and maintaining the trails. To me, the Hammers are a personal goal of mine. I started off with a stock rig and just playing in the desert. As my skills and vehicle have improved, the trails have gotten harder. Starting with trails like Calico and Big Bear and then working my way up to trails like the Rubicon and the Dusy Ershim. One of my goals is to run the Hammers trails in the near future. It is something that I have spent countless hours modifying my rig and honing my skills for. I look forward to the day I can say ďI have been there!Ē. Closing one of the few OHV areas in our community and areas close to our hearts would be a shame. The number of people affected by the possibility of this closure is uncountable. An entire offroad community would be affected. Itís a shame to close such a wonderful place. Please consider our voices when making the final decision.

Thank You
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:35 PM   #1305 (permalink)
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We understand the need for the area and to the Corp, however we need the area also for the family activities and the release on lifes stresses. It would be a shame to take this for the citizens that have worked as hard to keep area open and clean for all. I unforunately am not able to assist in the upkeep of the area from Florida but want to show the support to keep it open to all.
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been going for years

keep it open

So my Son has the chance to wheel there too.
Dam i miss my fj40
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personally i have never been able to make it to the johnson valley area, but i would really like to have the chance to someday go there without it being shut down for a military training base. some wilderness should just be left how it is, quit taking it away from those who use it., so please LEAVE IT OPEN!!!
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Please do not close the Hammers!!
As a avid off road and outdoor lover please keep this place of beauty open for our families and children to enjoy. I have driven through the hammers many times and have fond memories of each and every time.
Thank you,
Jason M
A member of the Land Rover recovery team!!


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Johnson Valley

Our family has been going there since our son was 5 months old, this will be our 7 year. We go to the Hammers for turkey day every year, don't take that traditon from us! Oh ya, have I every had a bad trip? No, it's the Hammers
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To Whom it may concern:

I am an avid fan of outdoor recreation. I visit our National Parks, National Forests, OHV areas, inland lakes, etc. many times a year and even several times a month. I hike nature trails, ride Jet Skis and drive a 4x4 truck. Exploring the earth and the various features it offers is a fun and fulfilling part of my life. The lands and areas made available for this kind of recreation are important and I am grateful to have them. It pains me to hear that one of those areas, Johnson Valley OHV, might be taken away from us. I have personally visited Johnson Valley numerous times and explored the various trails it offers with our friends. While my 4x4 truck may not be able to drive through the famous Hammers trails, the rest of the trails Johnson Valley offers more then makes up for that. Please keep Johnson Valley open for public access so that others can continue to enjoy the features it offers. Thank you!

Simi Valley, CA

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PLEASE! Don't take away the Hammers!

Hi there, my name's Zach. Unfortunately I can't say that I've ever been to the hammers, you see I'm fairly new to the sport of rockcrawling, and just haven't had the chance to get out there and wheel. My wheelin buddies and I have heard it's a great OHV Park, and we've been planning a trip to the hammers, so we would all be EXTREMELY dissapointed if it were to get closed. I think I speak for the entire wheelin' community when I say: "PLEASE! Don't take away the Hammers!"

Edit: By the way, have ya seen the King of the Hammers video? I SO BADLY want to go to the next one (I'm pretty sure there's gonna be another one??)

Temecula CA

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USMC R to save Johnson Valley

i served in the marines and am very confidant that there can be a reasonable answer that will allow both sides to be served in this situation i wheel at many sites throughout the usa and have been a member of a few organized off road clubs and have gave like many funds to support legal off road use, the bottom line is weather or not washington cares about us as a sport if they see the numbers using the area they will be more willing to supportive so what may need to happen is more control of who how and when people visit Johnson valley just so they can track useage thank you and god bless america.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:36 PM   #1313 (permalink)
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Please leave JV alone. My family and I live on the East coast. I hope once my daughter is older, to be able to take my family out to JV and enjoy the trails out there. There aren't many legal places to wheel and closing JV would be a huge disservice to many Americans that enjoy the area.
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Time....if you have any extra feel free to share
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:37 PM   #1314 (permalink)
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I visited the Hammers this last year over thanksgiving. Being my fisrt visit there, I was overwhelmed at the beauty of our great country even in this high desert region. I can't wait to go back next year. Please don't take away this area that provides a safe, legal area for us to enjoy our pastimes. It would be like a baseball fan losing Yankee stadium to become a walmart.
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These are the table markers for our reception. If taken away, I will never be able to visit these places again.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:37 PM   #1316 (permalink)
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Johnson Valley OHV Park

While I am a big fan of the US Armed Forces, I am also a bigger fan of wholesome, clean, family recreation. Over the years I have watched more and more land become off limits to any type of motorized family recreation and I can't imagine why the military would need still MORE land to play on. And if more is needed, why the only land around that we family folks are still allowed to use for off highway vehicle fun?

I have ridden motorcycles off-road since I was a small child. It was the best fun of my life and what we did in our family about once a month. I have raised my kids to do the same. This is the event that we share as our family recreation. There is so precious little land left for us to use and so little time to raise children where the family stays together for events. This is a key family event for many people. Please donít take our ability to share this family time from us.

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I would like to add my support to this incredibly worthy cause.
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Please keep the Hammers open! I haven't had a chance to wheel there yet!
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I have been to Johnson valley Several times in the past years. I have enjoyed the outdoors with many of my friends and club members, in an area that is truly unique within the Off Highway Vehicle world. Johnson Valley is arguably the birthplace of modern rock crawling as we know it, and a haven for the OHV community. Please consider that OHV use on public land is becoming more popular while the lands themselves are being taken away. Please do not let Johnson Valley become another casualty of shrinking public lands.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:38 PM   #1320 (permalink)
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HEre is a map showing the full areas of interest by the USMC, you can see what a closure of this area would mean to the almost 23000 people from around the world who have participated in this rally thread.

Name:  use this.JPG
Views: 365
Size:  111.3 KB
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Please keep this place open. I haven't been there yet but live 35mins away and I want to take my family there. I want it to be open for my kids to use when they are able to go on their own. Our land is so valuable to us and it really is about time we stop taking spots like this away and encourage our youth to get into a hobby that doesn't involve anything bad. Its a family deal and we as Americans really need to start taking care of our families here!
Thank you

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I would love to visit Johnson Valley with my family. I am in full support of our military and our country .

Please dont let them close down our trails!! Public lands are meant to be enjoyed by all!!!

thank you , cheap1's wife
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save the Hammers, being here in Michigan im limited to the wheeling i can do, please save this wheeling area so 1 day me and my future kids can wheel there.
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Living in Michigan it is only a dream to get out there and wheel terrain like the Hammers. I will make it out there some day. Keep them open!
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This post is from my daughter who is 13.

Hi I'm Becky. I'm the 13 year old daughter my dad was talking about.
I would like to say: Please keep this area open for us to enjoy together. I am really looking forward to going every April with my dad and some friends. This is a fun placeto go and 2 years ago I brought a friend and we still talk about all the fun we had. Please leave this land open so in the future I can take my children after I get married.
Thanks Becky Kremer
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