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Old 03-12-2008, 05:38 PM   #1326 (permalink)
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My name is Leon Rodela, and I live in Victorville, CA and am a registered voter. Two years ago my wife and I spent a weekend in Johnson Valley and have wanted to return again for some more. Unfortunately I injured my back at work Oct 10, 2006 and have been suffering with pain that has kept my Cherokee clean since. Lately I have been better and been trying easy trails, but still want to be able to get back to earning my decent income and afford the upgrades I had planned on my Jeep to tackle the "Hammers" trails. Now on top of all I have lost out in my life because of the injury and legal battles, a destination of a goal, a place that has become a symbol of a return to normalcy in my life, is threatened to close.

I too, believe that are troops are one of our country's greatest assets and we all owe them our up most respect and gratitude for defending our freedoms.

I also believe that our places of recreation, like Johnson Valley and Stoddard Valley, are also some of our greatest natural assets that serve the American way of life.

Society as a whole is far from perfect, and because of it, clubs and organizations have organized events to clean, repair, and maintain our areas of recreation. This shows the dedication we have to work and fight for our rights and privileges to recreate on our American public lands designated for recreation just like our troops work and fight for our rights and privileges to live as free Americans on American soil.

America does not beg the world for our rights to our freedoms, and we as a 4x4 community should not have to beg for our rights to our freedoms to recreate on our lands. But we can only plead to our government not to encroach onto the very locations we use exclusively for our sport. As it is, we are running out of places we can go to freely and responsibly "off-road", camp, hike, and generally get away from it all, without someone telling us we don't belong there. We are losing the very places that gave us great memories we tell our children about they will never get to experience themselves. Johnson Valley is a place I have yet to fully experience and gain lifelong memories to pass down to the next generation.

My only wish here is to succeed in gaining my memories in Johnson Valley and the "Hammers" trails, so I can fully enjoy watching our children experience the same memories of fun, happiness, and family recreation that they too can pass down to their children.
It is good for our military bases to expand to meet capacity, but not at the cost of such important areas used for public recreation. With hundreds of miles of military base boundaries, other places of unused land can be considered for base expansion instead of prime spots of recreation and reason for traveler revenue to towns and cities in the area.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:39 PM   #1327 (permalink)
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Just My Addition, My Family Has Only Been Fortunate Enough To Go To Johnson Valley Once And It Was Awesome. We've Been Dreaming Of Going Back Ever Since And I Hope That We Will Still Have The Oppurtunity.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:39 PM   #1328 (permalink)
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To all involved

I was recently made aware of a proposed expansion of the Marines 29 Palms facility, this proposed expansion includes much of the popular Johnson Valley OHV recreational area. This expansion would close most of the existing trail systems which are unique to this area. This means a great deal to me because I am active in the four wheel drive community and had hope to use this recreation site in the future. Not only would this affect four wheel drive owners but also people who use the area for quads and dirt biking.
I am active in, Arizona Undertakers, AzTTORA, and several other offroad clubs. I have been involved in numerous cleanups and helped other clubs with activities. Several vehicles are planning on attending the Tin Benders Johnson Valley Cleanup in April and plan on removing as much trash possible.
Thousands of people use this area each year and restricting its access would definitely result in a loss of revenue to the surrounding areas.
I deeply hope that this expansion will be reconsidered and Johnson Valley will remain the four wheeling ‘mecca’ it is.

Thank you for your consideration,
Eric Mollencopf

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Old 03-12-2008, 05:39 PM   #1329 (permalink)
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Please leave Johnson Valley open to recreation. There are too few areas open as it is. Thank You.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:39 PM   #1330 (permalink)
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I am an avid offroader and I would really hate to see this beautiful piece of land be taken away from the offroad community. I have only seen pictures and video but I am planning to make a trip from Mississippi to wheel there in the next year. Please, do not take this away from us.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:39 PM   #1331 (permalink)
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I was inspired to put a few more pics up!!!!!

Friends camping on the lakebed and driving on Claw, Aftershock, Outerlimits

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Old 03-12-2008, 05:40 PM   #1332 (permalink)
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really sad day if JV closes down to the public. I am looking forward to take my family wheeling in our beautiful land, and teach our new daughter about the great experience and fun of wheleing and respecting our trails.

Please help keep JV open!
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:40 PM   #1333 (permalink)
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I have to say that some of the best stories I've heard of and the best events have had Johnson Valley in the description somewhere. Off-roading has made a huge impact in all of the peoples lives here and we are passionate about our sport/hobby. Johnson Valley isn't just a bunch of dirt and rocks. To us off-roaders it's a way to help us bond with our families and friends. It makes family of friends and makes friends of strangers. Once you experience something like that it's hard to give up.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:41 PM   #1334 (permalink)
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The hammers is my only absolute vacation every year from the bay area and every year is better than the year before. It would be devistating to me and almost everyone I know if JV was to be closed. I thought that the government was trying to boost the economy so why are they going to close a "Mecca to the four wheeling community" which would significantly slow people from spending cash on their rigs. When people dont have an intense place to go four wheeling, THE HAMMERS, they need to do less to their trucks. I dont know where I am going with this it makes me mad to think that I might not get to have any more great times at the hammers. Please do not close Johnson Valley take some worthless land that the Sierra Club has allready taken from us, they are asking for it.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:41 PM   #1335 (permalink)
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Greatest spot on earth!

The Hammers! What else can you say about it, but its the Mecca for hardcore wheeling. The best thing about it is its in the desert where you won't bother anybody. I've only been there one time but I assure you I'm going to go back. That is if its still open and I pray that it will be. I've been to Montrose and Area BFE and I have to say I'd rather go to the Hammers. Please keep our Hammer trails open, I would seriously be bummed out if they were closed down!
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Keeping Public Lands in the Publicís hands: Johnson Valley

For as long as OHV recreation has existed there has been conflict over the use of public land. Johnson Valley has long been the subject of dispute between off-road enthusiasts and special interest groups. With the continued growth of southern California itís becoming harder and harder for OHVers to find an area to recreate.

Johnson Valley is 140,000 acres of terrain consisting of rolling hills, steep mountains, open valleys, dry lake beds, sand dunes, and trail systems designed and managed specifically for OHV use. A four-wheel drive mecca of sorts it is home to may off-road events and contributes largely to the tourism of neighboring communities.

I am a member of TTORA and have devoted many hours as a volunteer at clean-up events in the Barstow and Yucca Valley areas. I have also been heavily involved with the development of virtual training software for US troops to prepare for deployment in the Middle East. I understand the importance of preparedness for our troops but I strongly believe that if the Johnson Valley area is acquired by 29 Palms it would arbitrarily deny us the right to experience and enjoy the public lands that belong to the citizens of the United States. I urge you to consider an alternate means to meet the governmentís requirement for growth.
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Old 03-12-2008, 05:41 PM   #1337 (permalink)
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I have never personaly been to the hammers but i have seen it on tons of videos and i have been looking forward to going there someday but I understand that there are certain people who want to close it. i do not think it should be closed because many people go there and i had always dreamed of going there and i hope that i will still be able to go there someday after all this is over.
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I am a U.S. Marine and I understand the importance of having a training area as critical as Twentynine Palms. Units from around the world come to the area every year to cunduct live fire excercises there, as it is the largest U.S. Military base in the world.

That said Johnson Valley is the most amazing OHV area in California, that tailors to every type of recreation. My entire family has partaken in recreation at johnson valley, My Mom has done many horse rides there and my father and myself have jeeped, and rode quads there many times.

thanks to all have replied and have endevoured to save johnson valley.

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The Hammers are one of the places I plan to visit and spend money visiting. There are far too few places to enjoy our sport and we need all we can find. If we continue to close places it will put more pressure on the few remaining areas. I want to take my family to the Hammers. Don't add another reason for me to not visit California.

Imagine the environment impact the Marines will have.
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Hi guys,

Whilst the odds are that as a lad from Downunder I'll never get to drive the Hammers, please, please, please don't shut them down.

If they give people just 1/1000000th of the pleasure I get from driving on our trails, if they give people the opportunity to share the great outdoors with friends and family, the opportunity to experience nature at it's finest, if it allows parents to drag their kids away from the computer and into the fresh air (yes I see the irony ), the you must keep them open for all that can to experience.

Long live the Hammers (and all the other trails around the world ).


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Please do not close the Hammers, my family plans to visit there this year for 2weeks enjoying the wonderful area, both my Daughter and Son need to spend some time in the great outdoors not sitting in front of the TV......!!!!
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Save The Hammers!!!!!!!

Now that i have seen all these pictures of people that were fortunate to wheel at the hammers in johnson valley just makes me want to make the trip even more..... the places in my area that i have wheeled at now have houses built on them... Every year the OHV community loses more public land . The need is for more public offroad areas to be opened, not closed. i hope that Big Johnson, Claw Hammer, After Shock, Bender Alley, Hell’s Gate, Wrecking Ball, Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Tack Hammer, and Backdoor will be open for the public to enjoy and wheel for years to come...


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I have one last thing to share. Recently my in-laws told us that they were discussing what they would like their final plans/resting place to be. They told us they decided to be cremated and would like both of their ashes to be scattered on the trails at JV, because they knew that they would at least see us once a year after they are gone Funny, kind of odd, but they were totally serious. Where do we scatter them now? I, too had decided that I want my ashes spread on the lakebed at the Hammers because it's some of the best memories with family and friends I have. Taking away the Hammers affects things that you probably never thought final resting places.
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I have never had the opportunity to visit the Johnson Valley ORV area. I hope to make it there in the near future. Please keep the public land available for the publics use. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
William H. Murphy
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this is to great of a place to close. there are to many great things to do there. look at all possiblities for the place, and events that can be held there are unlimited and do nothing but good! please leave this open for the future generations to enjoy!
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Also If the hammers are closed I will have no reason to EVER go to califonia.
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Please release your interest in the Johnson Valley Recreation Area so we can keep it open for the publics enjoyment. Thanks for hearing us (the four-wheeling community) out.
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i have never been to the hammers, but it has always been a dream of mine to go, im an avid wheeler and do whatever i can to keep our trails open and work to gain access to more legal trails, please dont close the jv, thanks
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I don't make it down to JV more than once a year, but I follow events that take place there all the time! When I do visit, I recreate with my family and dogs, and camp on the dry lake, and hike the canyons. We enjoy driving in the sand dunes area, on the dry lake itself, and on access roads and trails throughout the area.

Loss of Johnson Valley would be a tragic loss of unique OHV opportunity -- the area and its trails are irreplaceable to 4x4, motorcycles, ATVs, Rhinos, and dune buggies -- but the rugged beauty of the hillsides offers spectacular views, rock-hounding, and hiking.

This Virtual Rally is a powerful statement by organized motorized recreation about the importance of Johnson Valley. We're patriotic and we support our troops and the Marines, but Johnson Valley offers unique recreational value not available elsewhere, and we believe that the Marines can expand elsewhere with less impact to the recreation community and the resource. Indeed, we're willing to help find an alternative site.

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My name is Nick and I recently have moved to California from New Mexico. I've been spoiled my whole life living in Farminton, and having Chokecherry Canyon as my backyard. I grew up going to rock crawling competitions, events, and cleanups. I think about Rock crawling, more importantly, offroading every day, it is my life. When I first moved out here to California, I was skeptical and immensly worried that my rockcrawling days would come to an end due to limited rockcrawling OHV areas. After about a month of living in California, I ran into a completely awesome group of wheelers (the Tin Benders), and they showed me the area known as the Hammers (AKA Johnson Valley OHV area). At the time, I didn't have my truck out here because I hadn't yet found a rockcrawling area that warranted such a drastic commitment. A month later I found myself buying a diesel truck and trailer just so that I would be able to tow my truck out here to California, I wanted more, I needed more. That was three months ago, and not a day goes by that I do not think about the hammers and when I am going back again. I will be devastated if these trails are closed. Please help us
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