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Old 05-07-2008, 05:28 PM   #851 (permalink)
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I've just moved to virginia, putting tellico about 5 hours closer than where I lived in PA. I haven't been there yet, but it looks like a challenging place to wheel. My group and i would like to visit in the next year.
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click on this link to see that bf goodrich tire company named tellico as one of the 5 best trail systems in north america.

here is a little sample from the article :
“Last year, more than 50 million people sought adventure through recreational off-road driving; the sport is exploding in popularity,” said Kaz Holley, brand director for BFGoodrich Tires. “Each one of the trails highlighted in this program is amazing, and embodies the very best in off-roading. BFGoodrich tires and these Outstanding Trails are very similar in nature – both are tough and both are fun to drive on.”

The program identifies five of North America's best trails. From desolate desert stretches to towering peaks and rolling hillsides, these trails are unique in toughness and beauty.

After a careful selection process, five of North America's “outstanding” off-road trails were nominated for uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast following. Black Bear Pass, near Ouray, Colorado, is a picturesque trail nestled in the San Juan Mountains. Pyeatt Draw, a scenic and exciting trail situated in Payson, Arizona. Hell's Revenge, with its slick sandstone slopes brings adventure to thrill seekers in Moab, Utah. Historic Naches Pass, also known as the Longmire Wagon Train, takes off road drivers over the Cascade Mountains in Naches, Washington. Last, but not least, Upper Tellico OHV Area, Trail #4, located in the Natahala National Forest, is located in North Carolina where Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia meet.
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I am like a lot of guys that have posted so far, as in that I have not had the chance to attend Tellico yet. Please do not take that chace away from me. Pics look like such a blast!!!!

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I have to agree these stories are great and I love the pics. Keep them rolling in guys/gals we only have 30 minutes left andthis will be all over.

More pics! More stories!!
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Some of my greatest memories growing up and now as an adult have been enjoying our public lands available to us in this great country of ours. Whether it was riding quads in Johnson Valley OHV California or a family camping trip to the Eldorado National forest. I someday look forward to giving my children some of the same experiences I have had. I have never been to Tellico.........yet. But knowing my husband, our family will someday experience what many in this thread already have. Please don't take that chance away from our family.

Please keep Tellico open to OHV use!

Melissa Farrell
Ceres, Ca
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If I had to choose one OHV park to go to in the Southeast it would be Tellico. I've gone dozens of times over the years and Tellico just can't be beat for the diversity of challenges and beautiful scenery. I think back to my first trip to Tellico in my stock YJ 2 months after I first got it. Back then I would have been happy just driving back and forth on trail 1 but for some reason I decided to jump up onto 4. Certainly not a tough trail by most standards, but for me at the time, it looked like the surface of the moon! Even though I ended up turning around after about 100 yards because I keep getting high centered, I knew then and there that I had found a one of a kind place that would continue to challenge me and my vehichle building skills far into the future. Tellico symbolizes off road adventure. It is to four wheeling in the Southeast what the Rubicon is to the West. My daughter has now taken up the sport with me and I hope that the Tellico OHV trail system will be around for her to enjoy as I have.

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I have yet to make it out to Tellico, but my family and I have a trip planed for next summer and I hope that we will still be able to make the trip from Cali.
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Closing public land seems to be an ever increasing trend that is going to leave us with no place to wheel. For us, rockcrawling and wheelin is more than a hobby, it's kind of an obsession to be honest. A very big part of our lives. Please don't take this away from us

I've never been to Tellico as I've only recently got into wheelin', but i hope sometime I'll be able to get up there and have some fun with friends and family. Please don't close this public land. Like I said I've never been there, but a lot of people on this board have and it means a lot to them!

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My name is Mike.. Soph in college, been offroading for about 4 years now. I have never personally been to tellico but it is on my list of places I would like to visit and wheel. Its important that Tellico remains open to the public as it is a major icon in the wheeling world and has been enjoyed by many over the years and should remain open for everyone.

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As a member of Bluegrass Cruisers, a Kentucky chapter of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, the current action to close trails in Tellico concerns me greatly. I intend to visit Tellico within the next year, but trail closures would definately give me reason to reconsider my plans. Please keep public land open for public use.

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i have not had the chance to make a run at tellico but i plan to in the future. the posts on here show how it is an awsome place. and i just hope that it will stay open so i can one day responsibly enjoy it.
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My family and I enjoy four wheeling, atv riding, camping, fishing hiking, and would love it if the Upper Tellico area was still around for us to enjoy. Please keep this area open.
-Darryl Merrin
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Tellico is one of my favorite places to wheel in the south. Honestly I can imagine not being able to head out with my family and friends to enjoy such an amazing place. I truly hope we can all work together to keep this great thing going and not shut us out because of a few bad apples. I KNOW for a fact that the 4wheeling community is willing to put forth any effort it takes to keep this gem of the south alive.

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Any potential closure alarms me as it seems to be a trend across the nation. Please leave us this area in which to recreate. We have lost access to areas here that my parents took myself and my sister to when I was a child and I shared with my children when they were young. My children (grown now) will not have the opportunity to do the same. There is something fundamentally wrong with this scenario from my perspective. Our public lands should be just that, public. Thank You.
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The past 2 summers I have taken a week off of work to spend time riding trails at tellico. We always go with a group of friends and have a great time enjoying the trails and everything else the area has to offer. Everyone there is great. The other wheelers we meet, no matter where they are from, are great and the people that live in Tellico Plains and Murphy are amazing. My last trip I spent a day looking for a dodge dana 60 drive flange. Every where we went the people would go out of there way to try help some guy they had never met before. It would be a shame for all the wheelers around the country to loose Tellico and just as bad for the local economyto loose all the people coming in that Tellico draws.

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I have personally never been to Tellico, but I have been wanting to go since I started wheeling a few years ago. I know quite a few people that have wheeled down there and every one of them have responsibly enjoyed themselves on their trips. It would be a shame for myself and others to not have the chance to enjoy the trails at Tellico. Please keep Tellico open!
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I live out west, but if I were ever to travel out east to go wheeling, Tellico would be the place I would go. Tellico is a long drive from CO, but from everything I have seen it'd be worth it.
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I have never been to Tellico but is on my "must do list". I have always enjoyed all the stories and amazing pictures that come out of Tellico. It would be a shame to lose such a place. The recreation community is really coming together to save public lands thanks to, Blue Ribbon Coalition, and many other groups. My family loves to visit these areas that are outstanding places to camp, fish, hunt, hike, relax, and OHV. I am a member of the Toyota Landcruiser Association; Blue Ribbon Coalition; Pinenut Mountain Trail Association; and the South Shore Crawlers. We take pride in the areas we recreate in and organize many trail clean-ups to keep our lands clean and beautiful. We want to be able to pass these amazing places on to our future generations for them to enjoy. Save Tellico!

Tom Taflin
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Couple more random pics.


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Though I have never been to Telico I will support keeping it open, as I have many friends back east that use the area regularly. Closing OHV areas does not help anyone at all. It only promotes illegal use. As an avid rock crawler, I see the great things that our sport and all off road sports bring. #1 is "Family". Yes, Family. I see kids that do not do drugs, and have good wholesum fun. They have an outlet that allows them to spend time with loving parents. This nation has lost it's grasp of what family really means, as kids are consumed by drugs, gangs and general violence. This is not true of the off road community. Let us keep our roots and give good familys a chance. KEEP THIS AREA OPEN!!!!!
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I've been to Tellico countless times since I've been into "real" wheeling since I bought a decent Jeep in 2001. It was the first real place I learned to wheel and will continue to be one of my favorites. I've wheeled all over the U.S. and it has consistently been one of the most challenging areas. We need to do all we can to keep "public lands" open to the public.
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Please do not remove Tellico from our already meager places to responsibly use OHV's. I have yet to travel there and enjoy the sights and experiences. I would also like to take my children there someday.
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I have not had the oppurtunity to wheel Tellico, however it is on a short list of destinations, please keep the area open to OHV's and allow the 4X4 community to continue responsible use of the land.
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I'm looking to eventually make it down to tellico and it would be a major loss to the east coast 4x4 community to lose such a location. please keep tellico open to 4x4 use so that we may continue to responsibly offroad and enjoy the outdoors in our favorite hobby!
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