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Old 05-07-2008, 01:34 PM   #176 (permalink)
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I have never been to Tellico, but it is definitely on my list of East Coast wheeling I want to do. I have friends whom have been there and from what they say this area will be saddly missed if it is closed.
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I am not sure how this could be good for local goverments by losing this form of income? In this thread alone I see hundreds of pics of people and vehicles that all spend their money locally when they take trips there. If you think of the local revenues of Food,Fuel, auto parts strores etc. It has to be a major number. This could be a devistating strike to the local economy to say the least.
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Please Save Tellico!!

I love it when the folks down there post up pictures and video of the trips they take. It is so different from the wheeling up north. That's one of the things that makes this country great. The variety of terrain, people and places...
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Old 05-07-2008, 01:35 PM   #179 (permalink)
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While I too have never been to Tellico before, it is on my list of places to visit when I finish my Jeep. Unfortunatly there are becoming less and less places on the east coast for the OHV crowd to go. It saddens and is disheartening to me to see trail closers and does nothing but cause backups and more people on the trails that are left open.

Please, lets keep all the trails OPEN! Thank you.
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I feel loosing another OHV area is another cross to bear for our sport. People and businesses make their living from this sport and at a time when the economy is pulling back we need to do all we can to ensure as many jobs and industries remain strong. It is doubtful there would an economic gain from closure, only the elimination of nagging by the environmentalists.

Ensuring OHV access to existing areas is key to my family and myself we are avid offroaders and plan vacations to OHV friendly areas. Instead of stopping and spending time in the area would likely pass on the area of the state altogether.

Loosing another area puts more strain on the few remaining areas which results in more use.
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Old 05-07-2008, 01:36 PM   #181 (permalink)
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For a while now, it's been part of my retirement plan/dream to travel around the U.S. and stay a while at the various wheeling areas. It would be a real shame to have to cross Tellico off the list.
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Old 05-07-2008, 01:36 PM   #182 (permalink)
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Thank you for the opportunity to join in this rally. It is vital that we work together for our common future access to all the great lands in America.

I am incredibly concerned that the Upper Tellico OHV area is being considered for closure. As a responsible motorized user, it pains me to think that there are those who urge closures of areas where families can go to recreate together, particularly where resource damage is controlled, and people's choice of access is practiced responsibly.

As a member of the Big Sky Four Wheelers club in northwestern Montana, we work tirelessly with the local recreation specialists in the Flathead National Forest. We use examples of OHV areas like Upper Tellico as a positive sample of how wheelers recreate responsibly with their families.

I love taking my 4 year-old and 6 year-old daughters out wheelin'. My oldest will ride along with her window down, no matter what the weather--when I first asked her why, she commented:

"Well, because, Dad, I want to smell the fresh air!"

Now she merely rolls down the window and I smile at her.

I love to mountain bike, I love to hike, I love to whitewater kayak. None of my other hobbies allow me to recreate with my young family as much as we can in our 4x4.


Shawn W. Baker
Kalispell, Montana
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Old 05-07-2008, 01:36 PM   #183 (permalink)
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I've been going to Tellico and enjoying the trails and natural beauty of the area for about the past 8 years. I have had a great time bringing family and friends to the area to rockcrawl camp and fish, and I don't want to see that come to an end.




please don't shut us down!!!!!!!!!!!
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To Whom It May Concern:
My four wheeling club has been considering a trip to Tellico this summer, as we are looking for a new part of the country to enjoy. When we travel in a large group like this we bring a lot of revenue to local businesses as I am sure all four wheeling clubs do. All of the pictures I have seen of Tellico make it look like a great place to take my family. Please consider a different method of land management, as the easiest way (closing the land) is not always the best. I feel that the people that have gotten to share this land and use it for the activities they enjoy, can and will step up to show that it can be managed in a way that will keep all parties happy. There are many four wheeling communities across the country that are willing to do whatever they can to keep land open, please use this to your advantage when considering the cost of keeping the said land open. Every outdoor activity group seems to have some bad apples. These “bad apples” can be found in any part of the country, at every level of activity. Please do not make your decisions based on the minority, as you will find the majority is willing to do what it takes. Instead, use the community that will work to keep this heritage in good condition and available for the rest of the country to take pleasure in.
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Tellico stands as one of the last best places to fully enjoy the 4x4 hobby in the east. When living inthe mid west i was always surprised at the gravity Tellico had for wheelers. The result was a location where people from all over that half of the nation gathers for primarily social reasons. Destruction of any type is and will remain to be not an intended consequence of offroading in spite of claims otherwise.
For many years many families have enjoyed what Tellico has to offer, Solutions must be found to keep this uplifting and family oriented activity available to future participants.

Christopher Delgado
Phoenix, Arizona
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To whom it may concern,

I would like to voice my support for the Upper Tellico OHV Area. I live out west and have never been to the Upper Tellico OHV Area. From all the pictures and stories about Upper Tellico OHV Area I would love to be able to take my family here. It would be a big loss if the Upper Tellico OHV Area were closed. So in closing please keep the Upper Tellico OHV Area open.

Jonathan Mizer
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BIG98XJ, thanks for posting that video of me on Lower 2. That is exactly why we have to keep Tellico open, I didn't even remember that and yet hundreds of people where there that day just to watch. IIRC I was 1 of 2 that made Lower 2 that day. That's best part of what Tellico has to offer it changes everytime your there and what was once easy is now hard again. You can't get that anywherer but the south and the south has fewer and fewer trails due to closures. Don't make Tellico the next one to go.
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Smile my fist post counts!

Saddly I have never been to Tellico before, but it is on my list of places to go. I am looking forward to making the trip from Florida to Tellico someday.

Tellico needs to stay open for future generations to enjoy.
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Old 05-07-2008, 01:37 PM   #189 (permalink)
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I have never been to Tellico, but have heard many great stories about the area and would hope to someday make the trip. Closing public lands to offroad activity is only going to cause more problems than it solves. Offroading is a great opportunity for families to get out of the house and away from the TV and video games and enjoy time together. Taking this away will only lead to more social deconstruction. Please leave the lands for the people.
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I've never been to Tellico... but it is on my wish list of places to go. But go figure... I'm hearing the same old story AGAIN! Yeah there's problems, so instead of mitigating the issues... lets just lock it up and throw away the key. THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER! Public lands are supposed to be for the people not from the people.
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Zeus of the Sluice
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Upper Tellico OHV

I may live on the west coast and may not have ever been to Tellico, but I can tell you the importance of such areas.

Areas such as Upper Tellico OHV help in many ways. To mention a few; Gives people the chance to recreate responsibly within a confined area and not all over the entire countryside. Gives the younger group of OHV participants a place to learn how to recreate responsibly. Helps local economy by bringing in money from out of the area from people that come to visit the area. Saves countless dollars within law enforcement groups and keeps them after criminals on the street and not on old country roads. And it is always safer to have a recreation taking place within the OHV area for ease of emergency personal and finding the location of an injured participant, if and injury occurs.

By giving the people and area to recreate it keeps them off of private land and out of areas that are normally not open to OHV use. It encourages them to keep their activities in a lawful area and gives them that chance. The younger crowds are able to easily access the area and less likely to upset locals and less likely to upset other area’s that may be important to the environment.

The younger group of OHV participants is growing, and growing fast. It is important that we have areas that they can go to and recreate responsibly and learn from others. Teaching the younger groups is how we will be able to keep the areas clean and safe for years to come. Once the trend is started with the younger groups, then as they get older they will be able to pass down the knowledge and responsibility.

Having money for the local economy is always a concern for any local government and should also be a major for all parties involved with the OHV area. Local economies can only be helped when recreation participants from out of the area bring in money. When an area such as Upper Tellico OHV is kept open, people will travel to it. I have been trying to find a way to someday make the trip myself, and would no doubt be spending a decent about of money while there.

Keep law enforcement on the job is important. And not spend their money is also important. Law enforcement and the little bit of funds that they have should be spent on the criminals on the streets. If an area like this was to close, the other local areas may find themselves open to being used by irresponsible recreation participants and don’t care since they no longer have a legal area. Then it is up to the local law enforcement groups to maintain the order when it could all be avoided by leaving the area open and available for use.

Safety is always a concern with OHV’s. Having an area to learn proper OHV use is the first and foremost step with safety. Without an OHV area we are leaving safety and proper safe OHV use up to the individual user without examples for the user to see. OHV areas give the individual user visual examples of safe use right there in front of their own eyes. OHV areas are also better mapped than most. And in the event that someone is injured while recreating, it maybe much easier to emergency personal to locate and help that person. It also givens that person a much better chance of others being around to help with the situation.

OHV areas are extremely important to not just the people using them, but everyone around the local area and some of those outside of the local area. They offer a place for families to go and enjoy the outdoors and their favorite recreational sport. And provide not just a place to have fun, but also a place to learn the proper reasonability’s. Plus, the area can keep it safer because of the teaching that is going on and the ease of finding locations of those that may become injured. OHV area is a great place for all these reasons and many more. Please, keep them open for everyone to enjoy. Keep them open to help with the local economy. And keep them open for generations in the future to also learn and enjoy.
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Wow, some awesome pictures have been posted in this thread! It's a very beautiful place. I can't wait for Renee and I to visit. Please keep the trails open, and everyone please donated to BRC to help keep it open!
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Tellico for life

The bartender only serves brown liquor in hell, and that sure sounds like heaven to me.

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So many of us midwesterners (and prolly east coasters) dream of driving these trails, don't close it before we can.
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Please Dont Take Our Trails!

My first real wheeling trip was to Tellico, I didnt have a clue what I was doing at the time. It was just fun going out with my friends and seeing what my K5 would do. That was years ago and Tellico has always been the test of what my rig was made of. It is unlike any other place that we have to wheel in the southeast.

My first time in Tellico

Dixie run a few years ago

Coming up Schoolbus right before my rear ring and pinion let go. We were stuck on the trail for 26hours that ride. Still one of my all time greatest wheeling trips.

Same truck running school bus after one of my clubs "Davis Creek Rd. Cleanups" Thats right a 4x4 club from Georgia adopted Davis Creek Rd and comes up to clean it many times during the year!

The old shelf on the top of Slickrock... The shelf is no longer there to help with waterflow, I dont buy that but whatever.

The rock crawl comp at Crawfords Campground. Danny the owner is a personal friend and a great guy. If the trails at Tellico get closed he can kiss his campground goodbye.

A bunch of us recently organized a Save Tellico Spring Fling... even with the rain we had a great turnout. Helen and Chuck from Tellico Cabin rentals plastered town with flyers, Danny from Crawfords Campground went to local shops and officials. What the locals need to realize it the money generated by having a place like Tellico that draws people from all over the country to the little town of Murphy.

Gabe Parker

ex-President- [url][/url]

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I haven't made it to Tellico YET but it is on my list of places to hit before I die or before all the great places to wheel get taken from us. I enjoy the pictures and stories that come from the weekends of fun had by the users of the park that get posted on sites like and others.
Please don't put yet another nail in the coffin.

Gary Lawson
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I have never personally been to Tellico, but I do know that our local 4x4 club plans runs to the U.S. all the time. Tellico is on the list of do's and we would love to spend our foreign money not only in the state where the park is but in several other states that we cross through on our journey from British Columbia, CANADA.

Mission, British Columbia, CANADA

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My Group has only been there once since its 600+ miles away from us.
It was 2007, and we want to come back !!!!!!!

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I have never been to Tellico, but it is on my list of places that I would like to travel to and experience what the area has to offer. My greater concern is keeping public land open for everyone's enjoyment no matter where it is. I hope I get to join my fellow wheelers in Tellico sometime soon.
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We had a group ready to go this month for a long weekend at Tellico. This included rigs, campers, and trailers from several parts of Florida, Kansas, Georgia, and Alabama. We planned to spend time at an RV park for the evenings and enjoy a park with a reputation for great east-coast wheeling. Unfortunately we had to cancel this trip when we learned that so many of the trails would not be opening back up for the spring season and there were long lines to get onto the few trails left available. All the food, gas, lodging, and entertainment dollars our small group would have brought to the local economy adds up to a few thousand dollars over a long weekend.

We are disappointed about the loss of our trip and we continue to hope that the Tellico area will be reopened to OHV's in the near future. We will happily reschedule our trip as Tellico is one of the must-wheel locations in the United States.

So much land and access has been taken away from the people of this country already. Lets keep Tellico accessible and open to the public so we and our children can enjoy this great 4wheeling spot for years to come!
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