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Unhappy Update on Island Rock Crawl trails

While this is primarily a board concerned with U.S. and California four wheeling issues I know that some Snort and Pirates have been in attendance at a few IRC events ( I think there is an article on one in this site? ) What I wanted to report is that the IRC and other B.C. fourwheelers ( that's me) are presently involved in a fight to save the access to the Harbourview Road area in Sooke B.C. (this is where most of the event is staged) this past saturday we held a protest rally on the steps of the provincial legislative buildings ( in Victoria ) to let the Government ( and the enviromental groups) know that we won't be excluded from using public land . The rally was fairly well attended and I hope we got the message out. See more at www.BC4x4.com

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While this is primarily a board concerned with U.S. and California four wheeling issues
<FONT COLOR="Yellow">This idea is part of the reason we (the OHV and Multiple Use groups) dont get more accomplished...If everyone is only concerned with their own backyard, then there will be no one left to help you when the gov comes to take your yard.

We need to all ban together to get some kind of National Opposition going.. Like a group that BRC, UFWDA, etc. could all belong to, with some sort of national "strategy" for fighting land closures. Then each state could form its own Chapter to fight the closures on the local level, while still having National support...now thats a thought..National organization...Oh my gawd, I'm sounding like the sierra club...hhhmmm... Maybe thats why they are so "successful" at closing off land... Just some thoughts..

Keep up the good work! Do not give in to the eco-nazis! NO MORE LAND CLOSURES! </FONT c>

<FONT COLOR="yellow">"Its a Wheelbase Thing, Your Jeep Wouldn't Understand"</FONT c>

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