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Post Bush Tax Plan is a Winner

Bush Tax Plan is a Winner

Land Rights Group Supports Bush Tax Plan
Monday, March 5, 2001

Contact: Mike Hardiman

The American Land Rights Association (ALRA) announced its support today
President Bush's Tax Relief Plan, in particular proposed repeal of
inheritance tax, better known as the "death tax."

"President Bush's plan phases out the death tax over eight years,
repealing it completely," said Chuck Cushman, ALRA Executive
"That is great news for all small businesses, including farms
and ranches
that are family owned and want to pass it on to the next

Cushman agreed with President Bush, who has pointed out that there is a

very strong case for a tax cut bill for several reasons.

These include that federal taxes are the highest ever during peacetime,

Americans pay more in taxes than they spend on food, clothing and housing

combined, and Americans work more than four months of the year just to pay

their combined federal and non-federal tax bills.

"There are several other provisions that will help self-employed people
small businesses, such as a reduction in the marriage tax, raising
limit on IRA contributions, and reducing and simplifying income tax
said Cushman.

"This package will be a great benefit that will help both our short term

economic situation and long term economic security," Cushman added.

ALRA is a nationwide organization of small property owners founded in 1978.

It advocates private property rights and recreational and commercial
to federal lands.



-----1. Call both your Senators and your Congressman to urge them to
President Bush's tax cut. Call each one. Do not limit your calls
to just
those you think would agree with you. Any Senator or Congressman
may be
reached by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

-----2. When you call, ask for the Senator or Congressman's fax number.

Send him or her a short fax message supporting the tax cut.

-----3. If you wish to send a Mail-Gram to each Senator and Congressman

you can call Western Union at (800) 325-6000.

-----4. You can send a 40 word Public Opinion Gram through Western Union

to EVERY SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN (all 535 of them) for $225. You can
it to your credit card and many phone companies will take the
Call two or three other people to split the cost.

-----5. Please fax this message to five people you don't have e-mail

-----6. Please make at least five photocopies of this message and hand

them out to people for whom you do not have an e-mail or fax address.

-----7. Please forward this message at least five other people. Your

whole list if possible.

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